Why Do People Rent Cars?

In the United States alone, there are nearly two million rental cars available at over 19,000 locations. Renting a car isn’t just for tourists. There are a host of reasons why people rent cars, ranging from necessity to convenience.

Rent Cars

More room

Sometimes your car just isn’t big enough to accommodate all the people that need to be transported. This might happen when relatives visit from out of town, or if you want to go on a vacation with friends but don’t want to take two vehicles. Conversely, someone’s vehicle may be too large. If people own a large, gas-guzzling SUV or minivan and want to go on a long trip with only one or two other people, it may be more economical and environmentally friendly to rent a smaller, fuel-efficient vehicle.

Rent Cars


Someone might rent a car for business purposes. He or she may have important clients to transport and wants to make a good impression with a nicer car than their own. Businessmen may rent a luxury car when going to a convention or business meeting to project a sense of success and prosperity. Sometimes, a job may require travel, and rather than put wear and tear on a personal vehicle, a rental car is used.


Often travelers rent cars when they take a flight. They simply need a way to get around while they are out of town. Rental car agencies are located at every major airport to make it easy for travelers to rent and return rental cars.

Rent Cars

Car Repairs

People may need to rent a car when their personal vehicle is in the shop for repairs or has been in an accident and isn’t available.

Social Occasions

Sometimes people will rent cars for social occasions such as special dates or parties. Some people like to impress their dates with a hot new sports car or enjoy driving a fancy luxury car to a dance or party.