Weight Loss; Creating Easy Steps that Turn into a Life Change

Over 5 years ago I began a journey, though I never thought it would give me the tools to handle other issues that would arise in my life.

I stepped on the scale and I looked down, there it was, 208 pounds; I was shocked, to say the least. I had to lose weight, but not for vanity reasons. My mother was overweight and she had many health problems, all due to her weight; and I was doomed for the same if I didn’t change my ways.

I had to start somewhere but I didn’t have money to spend on various different programs. I went online to search for any free or low fee weight loss programs. It didn’t take long to find Sparkpeople. It is all FREE! What a treasure to find. I found many tools to accomplish my goals. I was more than elated. This is definitely my ticket to success.

I’ll tell you, this journey was not an easy one. It took more than just going on some fade diet. I was looking at a complete overhaul of my thought process and lifestyle. It began with little goals. The whole site is geared towards small goals, such as, losing my first 5 pounds.

The site is “user friendly”, it doesn’t take much to navigate it. The nutrition section is built so that you can either use their menu, which you can also print out a grocery list, so that you can get the food from the list. There is also an option to input the food you eat. It is based on calories. You would think, well this is just another weight loss program, no way! I entered my calories in a couple of times then I realized just how much I was overeating. I was eating WAY more calories and not to mention too many empty calories. That is what made my mind up, this is the way I would eventually get to my ultimate goal, a healthier me.

There are also other goals that I set up for yourself. These did include; to stop drinking soda, work out two times a week for ten minutes, or joining a multitude of community support

As my weight shed, I began to see that it wasn’t just a fade diet or that the site had some underlining intention of scamming money from you, nope it was there to help people like me or anyone out there looking for a lifestyle change. They where changes that slowly where integrated into my life and then they became part of my daily routine.

As of today I weigh 142 pounds, I have kept my weight off for over 5 years. Without the help of Sparkpeople, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Through Sparkpeople I did more than just lose weight, it taught me to be patient and to take steps. These steps turn into my ultimate goal. And with this I now have the knowledge to apply to many other areas in my life.


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