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Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual

February 12, 2020

I like to walk for fitness and needed shoes that will give...

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Vaginal Enhancement Surgery is Growing in Popularity

Plastic surgery is all the rage. Many people are having their noses fixed, their breast enlarged and fat taken from every part of their bodies. But there is another type of plastic surgery that is slowly growing in popularity that you may not be know about, yet. These types of plastic surgeries are called vaginal enhancements? What? You asked in wonderment.

Actually, there are three basic surgical procedures that are performed: two types of labioplasty (a reduction of the inner or outer lips of the vagina) and one procedure that is done on the clitoral hood.

Why would women want to have this done?


Yes, this is the major reason any plastic surgeries are performed. A woman may be embarrassed because of the way her genitals look. She may believe that the tissue area of this part of her body is too large. Brazilian waxes plays a big part in this vanity. Many women are more aware of what this part of their body looks like because of these waxes. Fashion also plays another part. A lot of women do not like the way they look in thong underwear and tight jeans.

The feeling of being uncomfortable:

Yes, some women actually feel discomfort because the tissue is too large. They feel that this extra tissue gets in the way of such activities such as bicycling and sexual activities. They may even become irritated in that region a lot.


This occurs when one side is larger than the other side. Surgery is the only option to correct this.

What types of women are more prone to have this type of surgery?

Young women, under the age of 30 are more apt to consider this surgery. These are the same women who wear the bikinis and the thong underwear. These women come in all shapes and sizes, from the thin to the overweight.

Some women will have this surgery after childbirth. Some have even had it before childbirth and then after childbirth became unsatisfied with the way they looked once, again. Then they had the procedure repeated.

No, models and pole dancers are not the common women who have this procedure done. It is just everyday women, who want to feel better about how they look and feel.

These women come from across the nation, not just the most high traffic states that perform plastic surgery (Florida, California, New York and Texas).

A standard labioplasty takes about 45 minutes. There are some risks to the surgery, as with any surgery. After the procedure, women are advised to wait about six weeks before having intercourse.

Most women also prefer to have a female plastic surgeon to perform the surgery. They feel more comfortable and they are more willing to be honest about their feelings.