My Monthly Fitness Routine

As someone who is always trying to find ways to relieve boredom, stress and stay in shape, I have developed a monthly fitness routine. Developing a monthly routine lets me focus on trying to have time for myself while ensuring that I am able to keep myself as healthy as possible. I try to make sure that my cross-training fitness plan is able to be strenuous, yet easy enough for most healthy people can use to help themselves.

First week of the month

During the first week of the month, I always think that building up over the month is a great way to keep your routine. My first week includes walking and running 4 times during the week. The first walk should be at least a mile at a brisk pace, or at least 3 miles an hour. That should take you about 20 minutes. If it takes you longer than that, get yourself to that point. For the other 3 walks/run, integrate a technique known as “fartlek.” Fartlek is a technique where you sprint towards a landmark on a walk or run. Remember, the speed of your fartlek should be noticeably faster than walking. By the fourth run/walk, you want to be able to complete between 1.5 and 2 miles.

Second week of the month

For the second week of the month, I like to integrate some calisthenics into my workout. Usually, I like to add some push-ups, sit-ups and lunges. These will work most or all of your major muscle groups. There are still 3-4 walk-runs a week, but at least twice, I choose to integrate calisthenics. First, remember, you want to cross the two mile distance, no matter what. If you walk about 8 miles a week within two weeks at a brisk pace, you will notice that your energy level will be higher.

Third week of the month

In the third week of the month, you want to continue to integrate the calisthenics and add some stretching exercises. No matter what, you will want to stretch either when getting up in the morning or right after starting to walk or run. It will be more important to stretch out your leg muscles, especially if you are starting to jog. At this point, you want to walk/run at least 2.5 to 3 miles per workout and do the program at least 3 days a week.

Fourth week of the month

In this week of the month, you will want to be walking or running a minimum of 4 days a week and will want to be having a distance traveled of at least 3 miles per outing. At 12 miles a week, you will either be able to maintain your weight or even begin to lose weight. Odds are your stress will be somewhat relieved because of having a routine. I do not necessarily think integrating calisthenics during this week is necessary, but will help you in losing weight.

Good luck with trying this program if you choose to do so.


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