Mr Clean Magic Eraser Vs Walgreens Multi Eraser – Comparison Review

I was a fan of Mr Clean Magic Eraser from the first time I used the product. With two young daughters, my house certainly gets it’s fair share of fingerprints, smudges and stains. I loved how easily the Mr Clean Magic Eraser cleaned up behind my family and the longevity of the sponges. I recently spotted a similar product in Walgreens, Walgreens Multi Eraser. With my house currently up for sale and never knowing if the realtor will call at any time with a potential buyer, I am ever more vigilant in keeping my house looking as clean and attractive as possible. This comparison review will put both products against each other and share my opinion on what is the better disposable cleaning pad.

Price And Quantity.

Both Mr Clean Magic Eraser and Walgreens Multi Eraser are available in a two count box. A two count package of Mr Clean Magic Erasers costs $3.99 at regular retail price, while a two count box of Walgreens Multi Eraser is only $2.99. With a one dollar savings, Walgreens Multi Eraser wins the fist round.

Versatility In Use.

Both products can be used to quickly clean scuff marks from the floors, smudges and fingerprints from walls and doors, crayon marks, appliances, vehicle interiors, bathroom soap scum, and sneakers as well as a variety of other household areas. Both the Mr Clean Magic Eraser and the Walgreens Multi Eraser are very handy to keep in every room of the house as the variety of surfaces these products can be used to clean is very large. Mr Clean Magic Eraser and Walgreens Multi Eraser are tied in this area.


During my usual cleaning routine as well as sprucing up my daughter’s sneakers for school, I interchanged the Mr Clean Magic Eraser and Walgreens Multi Eraser to see if there was any notable difference in the performance of these two products. I was happy to see that the Walgreens Multi Eraser held it’s own against the more popular brand of disposable cleaning pad. The Walgreens product cleaned my daughter’s sneakers beautifully and made them appear to be brand new. It did a nice job of removing the scuff marks from my kitchen floor in the high traffic areas and easily cleaned the fingerprints off of the refrigerator door. Again, Mr Clean Magic Eraser and Walgreens Multi Eraser are tied.


Here is where one product definitely shot out ahead in favor of the other. Both the Mr Clean Magic Eraser and Walgreens Multi Eraser are used in the same way. After wetting with water and squeezing out the excess, the cleaning pad gets rubbed on the surface to be cleaned. Once the pad becomes dirty, it gets rinsed with water, squeezed out and used again. After only one or two uses of the Walgreens Multi Eraser, the disposable cleaning pad began to disintegrate. I would have been able to understand had I been using this product on a heavily soiled surface or been applying an extreme amount of pressure, but that was not the case. The Mr Clean Magic Eraser holds up far better and can be used far more times before needing to be discarded in comparison to the Walgreens Multi Eraser. Mr Clean Magic Eraser is the clear winner.

Despite the savings in initial price, the lack of durability of the Walgreens Multi Eraser does not make this product a real savings. I will be much more inclined to pay the extra dollar for the Mr Clean Magic Eraser as I know that I will be able to use it several more times before needing to discard it. Although Walgreens Multi Eraser did a fine job in cleaning, I will stick with the Mr Clean Magic Eraser.


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