How to Buy San Diego HUD Homes

San Diego has the second largest population in the enormous state of California. As a major city in the most populous state, San Diego HUD officials sell many foreclosed properties on an ongoing basis. The federal agency accepts from both owner occupants who want to live in a San Diego HUD home and investors who are seeking to make a profit from these foreclosures. Those seeking to make a bid can do so through an approved San Diego real estate broker. HUD even makes it easy to find HUD homes in San Diego by providing an online listing of the properties.

Step 1:

Find the San Diego property listings by using the HUD website at This website actually lists almost all HUD properties for sale. To find the San Diego HUD homes, all you do is select California as the state and San Diego (or a city in the area of San Diego) as the city. You may even get a more specific listing of San Diego properties by using the advanced search features (look above the listings on the first page of the search results).

Note to Investors: You are not eligible to bid on all HUD San Diego homes because HUD likes to allocate certain properties to owner occupants for an initial period of listing time. However, you can easily find the investor HUD homes in San Diego by selecting “Investor” as the buyer type in the advanced search options.

Step 2:

Seek the services of a San Diego real estate broker. HUD also has a database to find a local broker to do your bidding. The search can be done after you select “Find a Broker” on the home page and choose San Diego or one of its suburbs or surrounding cities.

Step 3:

Once you are sure about homes you would like to purchase, then you need some financing unless you just happen to be paying in cash (investors often pay in cash). Go to San Diego mortgage lenders (banks or other institutions) and try to get a mortgage for the HUD bidding process.

Step 4:

You and your San Diego broker need to finalize all of the document preparation after you get preliminary approval for a loan. The broker will then place a bid for each San Diego HUD home for which you have adequate financing.

Step 5:

You will then pay a deposit and arrange for the full home loan if HUD accepts your bid to purchase a HUD San Diego property. A closing agent is also brought into the picture to close on the home.

Step 6:

California has the standard practice of using property deeds to show proof of home ownership. You should get a deed from HUD for each HUD home in San Diego that you purchase. File it with the county recorder in the county of the home you purchase, which is San Diego County in the case of real estate in the city of San Diego.


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