Fun Family Activities when Snowed in at Home

At the first sign of snow children all over the country are anxiously awaiting a snow day. The day where school is closed and they get to play outside in the snow or stay in and warm with their families.

So what can parents do when they have a houseful of kids who have no school for the day? Join in on the fun of course.

Bundle those kids up and head on outside and start the first snow ball fight of the season. Snow ball fights too rough for the younger crowd? Simple, grab a spray bottle and fill it with cold water and a few drops of food coloring. Spray a target in the snow and have some target practice with those snow balls.

Go a step further and build two snow forts facing each other. Divide into teams and hand out more spray bottles with food coloring and decorate each fort. Now the fun begins. Stock pile some snow balls and begin the snow fort wars. Whether trying to take down the opponents fort or their team members this one is sure to please.

Play pin the face on the snow man. Have everyone help build a snowman. Gather a carrot, some rocks and whatever else to decorate a face and take turns blindfolding one another and putting on the snowman’s face.

Build an igloo using buckets to create ice stones for the igloo carefully pack the snow into the buckets and stack them gently releasing them onto the base. Have someone else come along and firm them up using more snow as mortar.

If there’s a hill nearby consider a sledding party. Even a tarp can work as a sled in a pinch. Gather up sleds or toboggan’s or if desperate simply use a tarp or gunny sack and head to the top of the hill and have a great time. Make sure there are no trees to run into or rocky areas to prevent any injuries.

Have a snow angel making contest. Have everyone create a snow angel and then compare the differences. Can they create any other creatures in the same fashion?

Sculpt something other than a snowman and have a guessing contest to see what it is. It could be an animal or an inanimate object.

Grab a colored object such as an apple or colored ball and have a scavenger hunt. Create clues leading the kids to the clue and see how long it takes them to find it.

Play extreme croquet in the snow. Put little flags on the wire’s and set up a croquet course and use all but the white ball.

Play hopscotch with snow balls. Create a hopscotch with the spray bottle of colored water and then toss snowballs as in hopscotch. The only catch is doing it in boots without jumping.

Too cold to play outside? How about a game of twister inside? If there isn’t a twister mat available gather objects and create a course and make a twister type board on a large floor space. Using a spinner or die play the game as normal.

Need more inside fun? How about a story line. Have everyone sit in the same general area and start at one side of the room. Everyone has to say a line in a storyline. Someone may begin with “once when I was” and the story line passes to the next person and so on. Variations on this game can be packing for a trip and have the person say everyone else’s item in addition to theirs.

Play a board game. It’s fun to break out an old board game and play now and again. Whatever is chosen to do enjoy the family time and try not to stress, snow doesn’t last forever and eventually it will melt.


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