Color Ideas for Weddings in the Summer

Color Ideas for Weddings in the SummerSummer weddings offer a wide range of possible color choices. Summer wedding colors set the tone and mood for the event, displaying the couple’s attitude and personality. For a classic, formal look, go with black and white and splashes of an attention-grabbing third color. Pastel colors present a light, fresh, casual feel for a summer wedding. By matching the colors of the season, you can intensify the hues of flowers in bloom, greenery and striking colors of a sunset.


Pastel summer wedding colors will complement and soften the bolder colors of the surrounding greenery, blooming flowers and setting sun. Consider incorporating pastel colors into traditional, plain white wedding invitations through a border or flowers at the bottom. Try adding a pop of color to the wedding gown with a sash or embroidered flowers. Remember, wearing pastel colors can make fair-skinned bridesmaids look washed out in wedding pictures. Visit the dress shop and test color swatches against skin tones. Add vibrant accessories or flowers to coordinate with the bridesmaids dresses.

Consider blue with brown, white or silver, or various shades of pink with white, lavender and sage green.

Color Ideas for Weddings in the Summer

Black and White

Consider using classic black and white for your summer wedding colors. These colors tell guests the wedding is formal. To dress these colors up, add splashes of yellow or pink. Accent black bridesmaids’ dresses with a pink sash, or yellow bouquets for them to carry. Use formal black and white table linens with yellow or pink flower arrangements for the centerpiece. Grab the guests’ eyes by adding a third accent color to go with the black and white.

Color Ideas for Weddings in the Summer

Bold Colors

Use the intense colors you see in nature during the summer, like deep blue skies, bright blooming flowers or golden sunsets, for a summer wedding. Consider pairing gold and lavender with touches of magenta for a bright, cheerful feel. Think about teal, silver and white for a fresh, clean look for a summer wedding. Various shades of pink and red can work well for summer wedding colors. Incorporate fresh flowers with these colors for a romantic mood.