Cheap Shoe Review: Dexter Cafe Livingston II Men’s Closed Toe Fisherman Sandal

Let’s get a few things straight right now. I don’t own a Volvo. I’m not a vegan. I don’t eat yogurt. I didn’t vote for Obama. I’m not a communist. But, I did buy a pair of sandals recently at Payless. They had Dexter Livingston II Closed Toe Sandals on sale for $29.99. It was a mercilessly hot summer day in Florida’s Big Bend. How could I resist? You’d have done the same thing.

These Dexter Fisherman sandals are rugged looking. They might have been worn by Roman gladiators! They also have good arch support with a foam footbed. These Dexter Fishman seem solidly constructed with a leather and man-made upper for protection for the toes. With Florida summers being hot, these Dexter sandals make good sense. At least, they’ll let your feet air out. I found that these shoes were fairly comfortable for just walking around on weekends. With velcro side closures, Dexter Livingston II sandals did hold onto my feet well. There was no flopping around like you get when wearing flip-flops.

However, before you jump in the microbus and grab a pair, there are a few drawbacks with these sandals. First, the velcro straps that close these shoes are on the outside of the ankle rather than the inside. While everyone can cross their legs and rest a foot on their knees to tie shoes, relax, or contemplate their toes, it is really very awkward to reach the outside of your ankle, thread the velcro strap, and cinch it tight. Of course, if I regularly wore sandals, I’d probably go to yoga and just be able to pull my foot up to my underarm or something. The second issue that I encountered with these sandals was that my foot would slide around whenever I traversed uneven terrain. Otherwise, the Dexter sandals were great for straight line walking on the sidewalk or other flat surfaces.

I’m not totally sure that I can commit to sandals. They seem more like hippy shoes than gladiator shoes to me. When walking the dog, I also found that these sandals could occasionally collect a small pebble or tiny piece bark under my foot. That is probably a sandal thing, but I found it a tad annoying. Even though these are called Fisherman shoes, I can’t imagine bass champion Bill Dance wearing sandals. These are definitely more Walker Cay Chronicles.

Ultimately, these Dexter Livingston II Closed Toe Fisherman Sandals are probably worth having in my shoe closet. They are comfortable for walking. Plus, you don’t have to be a vegan to wear sandals. Besides, they’ll be good to have if I ever want to be a beatnik poet with my own fishing show.


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