Why use Best Software to Convert YouTube to Mp3 online

YouTube is the go-to site for everyone wishing to watch a new video of their favorite song, to explore new music releases, or to even check out older, already released songs just for the nostalgia of it. YouTube allows us to watch videos and listen to songs of our favorite bands, and artists. All is fun and games till the Wi-Fi works, but what if the connection is gone or not strong enough for your videos to run?

Not only that there are times when the internet network is down forcing you to watch and listening to songs while it buffers and stops randomly. That’s annoying to any music lover, after all, we want is to listen to the song continuously without any interruption. Which is why the best bet for you is to download the YouTube video so that you are able to listen to it later.

Especially if you plan to go offline to do some work or to an area where the network is no available, how do you plan to carry your music? The simple answer is to download the music, while it isn’t an easy task but it doesn’t have to be hard either. There are plenty of software’s that offer you the opportunity to download music, but not all are reliable and many don’t even download the song you are looking up. Instead, you end up with some crazy music or sometimes even just incomprehensible noises that make no sense.

Convert YouTube Video to Mp3

It is easy for users to go on and on, spending hours on YouTube watching videos, playing background music when working, but when a situation arises where there is no connectivity and you are offline then how are you to listen to these songs or watch the videos. There are software’s available online that allow you to listen to your choice of song on YouTube, and convert that very same video/music into an Mp3 file for offline use.

The best YouTube converters allow you to take the very YouTube video you love and copy the URL, paste it into a text box of the software. Along with that, there are these pre-set profiles that make you choose what sort of file you want, its resolution, format, and compression. The whole deal, so that you are able to convert and download exactly what you need and require to listen offline.

This way, with all these pre-set functions, you are able to download exactly what you need for your device. Not only that they save the clips and convert them in batches this way you are able to choose where they are saved once the conversion is complete. You may think why do you need to convert, why can’t YouTube just let you download it, that is because it is against the law and copyright infringement, and against the terms and services that it provides. But with a software converter, you are able to change the whole format and this is perfectly ok and legal.

The best software for YouTube to Mp3 conversion is free and with no extra cost, you have a collection of offline music and even videos to watch. In the pre-set functions you can choose the format of conversion, whether you want an Mp3, which is just the sound-perfect for music, but there are many more options, you may convert it into a .vid file: which converts the online video into an offline video, the same exact content just that it is saved in your device to watch later when you are offline. Free YouTube downloader, is the best way to get offline music and music videos or any kind of video. It is simple to use, well designed and easy interface for anyone to understand how to go about it. The only annoying part might be the ads that it contains but it’s not that much of trouble as once you have selected your options, let it convert and while you work on other important things. You can go on a downloading spree and there is nothing that can stop you. The free YouTube downloader is a great way for a musician to download instrumentals to jam on later or make new music.

Faxed to Death: Can This Old Technology Adapt to a Digital World?

Believe it or not, the need for faxing still exists, especially for businesses that handle private customer information such as healthcare providers, insurance companies, or financial service providers. In addition, many businesses continue to use old fax machines supported by expensive dedicated analog telephone lines. While some businesses may still need fax, they don’t necessarily need those legacy phone lines.

Why fax at all?
So why do businesses migrating to cloud-based or IP telephony continue to keep a dedicated analog telephone line for fax?

  • Some industries require faxing and traditional analog lines are reliable.
  • IP faxing may not be regulatory compliant.
  • Faxing over IP (FoIP) has had issues in the past with latency and jitter causing fax transmissions to fail.
  • Many companies have made investments in expensive multi-functional printer/copier/fax machines.

Faxed to Death

With fax, timing is everything. A successful fax session requires real-time, uninterrupted communication between both the sending and receiving ends. That said, it makes sense that a dedicated circuit-switched connection is ideal for faxing. IP, or internet protocol, faxing includes signal conversions, protocol translations and inevitable network congestion, all of which can affect timing and cause problems. So why bother?

Why FoIP?
Cost reduction is most popular among the many reasons business choose FoIP over the status quo. Faxing over the internet is not only much cheaper, but the demand for secure, reliable FoIP has also resulted in service that delivers the quality businesses have come to expect from traditional telephone lines. IP faxing is now an HTTPS secure, web-based cloud service that avoids the voice network entirely. Fax functionality integrates with email clients, desktop and mobile applications for a fraction of the cost while fitting seamlessly into unified messaging and communications strategies.

Faxes can be sent, received, archived and searched like email. They can be accessed and managed from any device by multiple users. Not only is this convenient, but it also eliminates the expense of supporting and maintaining those legacy analog fax machines.

Faxed to Death

If a complete migration to cloud-based IP faxing evokes fear and loathing, or is simply not possible, the benefits of IP faxing can still be enjoyed with existing fax machines. Fax ATA converters enable the machine to connect directly to the data network. This hybrid solution leverages the fax hardware and offers the rich feature set of FoIP. Many of these devices even create an HTTPS connection to the cloud; checking the security box for those businesses that must comply with various privacy regulations.

The benefits of making the switch to fax over IP start with cost savings and extend into convenience and reliability. The challenges and misconceptions long associated with IP faxing have been addressed by advancements in technology. Increased available bandwidth, more reliable/secure protocols, unified messaging integration, and even mobility make it nearly impossible to devise a reason to continue paying for that old analog fax line.

Is Augmented Reality The Future Of Retail Marketing?

Augmented Reality is very hot these days with many experts recommending widespread adoption of it across any and all industries. A little caution however may not be a bad thing.

The term “Augmented Reality” has many different meanings and definitions but I like this one best:

Marketing Retail 1

“Augmented reality is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery.”

Augmented Reality is going so much publicity and attention these days that it’s now perfectly acceptable to refer to it as simply AR. And many are predicting that AR will be the cure-all for all that ails you… regardless of industry.

Marketing Retail 1

However for this post, let’s keep it refined to the world of retail. And having worked in retail – I come from a long line of former supermarket workers, there are some basic tenets that will always be the most important when it comes to retail sales:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Customer Service
  • And of course, location, location, location

Any retailer worth his/her weight in coupons knows this to be true and while there are some very cool things going on right with re: AR and retail – see below for some examples, I would caution retailers to NOT forsake traditional marketing methods and techniques for AR.

Marketing Retail 1

Now, if you want to “augment” your current traditional campaigns with some AR, by all means go for it. Just don’t believe a lot of the hype going around that AR is all you need.

It’s the exact same thing being spewed by all the Social Media experts claiming SM will cure all your ails.

Marketing Retail 1

No one singular method, medium, approach, platform and on and on will ever work. There needs to be an integration of carefully selected methods, etc., which are best suited to your particular wants and needs.

As promised, here are some cool AR things going on right now in the world of retail…

So, what do you think of AR?
Is it the future?
Is it a fad?
Have you ever personally used it in a retail setting?

YouTube Time Stamp For Brands, Because “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”

How brands can take advantage of the new YouTube Time Stamp feature for targeted messaging and fostering social engagement.

In situations when a GIF or Vine just isn’t enough to fully convey the context of your brand’s message, you’d likely take the next logical step and include video. Problem being, that you usually only want to share a specific part of the video before your target audience loses interest, believes you’re crazy or responds with the dreaded “tl;dr”. If you were web savvy you could have included the #t=0h0m0s coding at the end of your YouTube link so your video started right where you wanted, but let’s be honest “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”

YouTube Time Stamp For Brands, Because “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” YouTube has recently and quietly introduced what I am coining as the “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” button. Now, instead of adding the time stamp coding to your link, you can simply click the “checkbox” and generate a link to the video starting it at the point where you want it. This is a good move for YouTube to help foster additional social sharing and make YouTube clips as ubiquitous as GIFs.

YouTube Time Stamp For Brands, Because “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”

This should be enticing for brand managers, as it gives the freedom to show and express ideas via YouTube by cutting the through the fluff and sending people directly to the intended point of interest. Brands could also use this for directed messaging, allowing the use of one video with multiple responses, rather than creating a number of videos, cutting down on expense and increasing overall views. By linking users directly to the content they’re looking for, brands can drive views on one particular video, increasing the potential for engagement without diluting the potential view count.

Check the screenshot out below and try out the “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” button out today! (Feel free to shoot us a link of what you’re sharing in the comments section below)