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The Single Most Effective Marketing Tactic For B2B Marketers

According to the 2011 Marketing-Sherpa B2B Marketing Advanced Practices Handbook, the most effective marketing tactic identified by B2B Marketers all centered around one thing.

The far reaching handbook revealed many interesting insights into the world of a B2B Marketer and when asked to choose the one tactic that is the most effective in their marketing efforts, 93% of respondents said it was their company’s website – and the optimization, management and design thereof, which is the most effective and vital.

The Single Most Effective Marketing Tactic For B2B Marketers

To me, the high number of B2B Marketers who identified their website, management and optimization as either “very effective” or “somwhat effective” speaks to the growing popularity of social media in the B2B Marketing world. Consider that according to a recent study by BtoB Magazine, 93% of all B2B marketers are engaged in some form of social media marketing.

Another form of inbound marketing falls under optimization and SEO which was also identified as being an effective marketing tactic for B2B Marketers.

All of these inbound marketing tactics all lead back to one place – the website which is why so many B2B Marketers consider it to be so important.

From the 2011 Marketing-Sherpa B2B Marketing Advanced Practices Handbook:

There is a growing trend of utilizing inbound marketing tactics that is demonstrated in the above chart. The top two tactics are inbound and two of the three least effective tactics are outbound. The top-rated tactic is website design, management and optimization, partly due to the growing popularity of inbound marketing tactics. Inbound tactics like search and social media drive traffic back to the hub, or an organization’s website, for conversion. With an increased level of inbound traffic, even marginal gains in website conversion rate can have a great impact on the number of leads generated and an organization’s and bottom line.

Social media is undervalued in terms of effectiveness — a result of the infancy of this marketing tactic. As B2B marketers become more mature with their social marketing practices, perceptions on the effectiveness of this tactic will improve.

Another finding that came out of the Handbook was the fact that once again, the #1 challenge facing B2B Marketers is finding leads – both a high quality and high volume of leads.

The Single Most Effective Marketing Tactic For B2B Marketers

For her part, Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager, Marketing-Sherpa and lead author of the Handbook, offered these high-level suggestions to B2B Marketers re: uncovering new prospects:

  • Adapt a customer-centric approach
  • Identify compelling value propositions that resonate and convert
  • Deliver content and messaging through an optimal mix of lead gen tactics
  • Continually test your efforts
  • Adapt to an evolving marketplace
  • Embrace sales conversion as a Sales and Marketing responsibility, and support it with funnel optimization strategies

These are all great tips for sure but here’s one more:

If you’re responsible for increasing business to business sales, don’t be afraid to ask for help. As a B2B Marketer you are faced with an incredible number of day-to-day challenges and obstacles and so on. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a business to business marketing communications agency who will partner with you, kind of lighten the load so to speak.

So, how important would say your website is when it comes to B2B Marketing? Do you agree with the respondents who put so much emphasis on it?

Or would you identify something else as being the most effective marketing tactic?

Shoppers Want Integration, Retailers And Marketers Not Delivering It

In two separate reports/surveys issued by my-buys, a provider of cross-channel personalization for retailers, revealed that integration, along with convenience and service are what consumers want most but find most retailers and retail marketers don’t deliver.

Their 4th annual Consumer Insights Survey queried over 1,000 adults, evenly split between men and women who shopped online for products 4 or more times in the past year, spend at least $500 online annually and make shopping purchases both online and in stores.

They asked these folks to rate/rank what they would want from their favorite retailers in an ideal world vs. what they are actually experiencing in the real world. You will see there is a quite the disparity between the ideal and real worlds.

To me, this is the most important take away from this survey…Marketing

Integration (consistency) – What Consumers Want

  • 85% want an integrated shopping experience
  • 72% want an integrated marketing approach

Integration (consistency) – What Consumers Currently Get

  • 50% get an integrated shopping experience
  • 39% get an integrated marketing approach

Those in marketing retail and retailers alike, the people are speaking loud and clear. They want to see and experience the same thing be it on your site, your store, your mobile site and they want to see and experience the same message across all marketing collateral – AKA they want a branded experience across ALL channels!


Now there are some findings which are perfectly logical and are to be expected, i.e. people want good service. I am a little surpised hower to see how low Personalization scored – could be The Big Brother theory at play as people don’t want retailers to know them too well. But what really surprised me was how low Mobile and Social scored. With both Mobile and Social so prevalent today, it is quite surprising to see only 26%, even in an ideal world, say they would want to be able to make a purchase via their phone.

The other report/survey my-buys issued was their 10th Annual e-tailing group Merchant Survey, which surveyed merchants across 32 different categories of products and services.

What was most-troubling to me was this chart below which showed a staggeringly low number of retailers using an integrated approach to their customers…

Shoppers Want Integration, Retailers And Marketers Not Delivering It
22% not currently planned?

6% will always remain siloed?

16% don’t know?

What’s going on here?

Is just this a case of these retailers not knowing how to go about creating an integrated approach?

Or is it a case of these retailers not seeing the value in creating an intergrated approach?

Or is it something completely different?

Color Ideas for Weddings in the Summer

Color Ideas for Weddings in the SummerSummer weddings offer a wide range of possible color choices. Summer wedding colors set the tone and mood for the event, displaying the couple’s attitude and personality. For a classic, formal look, go with black and white and splashes of an attention-grabbing third color. Pastel colors present a light, fresh, casual feel for a summer wedding. By matching the colors of the season, you can intensify the hues of flowers in bloom, greenery and striking colors of a sunset.


Pastel summer wedding colors will complement and soften the bolder colors of the surrounding greenery, blooming flowers and setting sun. Consider incorporating pastel colors into traditional, plain white wedding invitations through a border or flowers at the bottom. Try adding a pop of color to the wedding gown with a sash or embroidered flowers. Remember, wearing pastel colors can make fair-skinned bridesmaids look washed out in wedding pictures. Visit the dress shop and test color swatches against skin tones. Add vibrant accessories or flowers to coordinate with the bridesmaids dresses.

Consider blue with brown, white or silver, or various shades of pink with white, lavender and sage green.

Color Ideas for Weddings in the Summer

Black and White

Consider using classic black and white for your summer wedding colors. These colors tell guests the wedding is formal. To dress these colors up, add splashes of yellow or pink. Accent black bridesmaids’ dresses with a pink sash, or yellow bouquets for them to carry. Use formal black and white table linens with yellow or pink flower arrangements for the centerpiece. Grab the guests’ eyes by adding a third accent color to go with the black and white.

Color Ideas for Weddings in the Summer

Bold Colors

Use the intense colors you see in nature during the summer, like deep blue skies, bright blooming flowers or golden sunsets, for a summer wedding. Consider pairing gold and lavender with touches of magenta for a bright, cheerful feel. Think about teal, silver and white for a fresh, clean look for a summer wedding. Various shades of pink and red can work well for summer wedding colors. Incorporate fresh flowers with these colors for a romantic mood.

ADHD Testing Now Online

Do you think your child suffers from ADHD or do you think your child was misdiagnosed with ADHD?

Either way there is a simple solution to that and now it is available online from privacy of your own home.Has Your Child Been Misdiagnosed 1

My older son was diagnosed with ADHD in fall of 2005 at the age of 8. Few months later in December of 2005 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

If you are familiar with symptoms of low and high blood glucose in children with type 1 diabetes these symptoms can easily be misinterpreted as symptoms of ADHD.

When my son’s blood glucose is high he gets restless, fidgety, talks too much, can’t concentrate….you get the point.

I questioned his ADHD diagnoses ever since his diabetes entered our lives.

It’s true that he was a handful since he entered elementary school,but I always thought he was not challenged enough and he didn’t have a teacher who would allow him be himself. His Kindergarten teacher was one of those teachers that if a child doesn’t fit into a certain box with certain criteria that child MUST BE a trouble maker or suffer from ADHD.

His first grade teacher was a complete opposite. She allowed him to express himself, she challenged him and she even admitted that he knew more about certain subjects that she did. She suggested that we should have his IQ tested. To no surprise his IQ for a 6 year old was above average.

Has Your Child Been Misdiagnosed 1Unfortunately, in second grade his teacher was once again “fit into a box” teacher and the trouble started again. My son’s behaviour was out of control, he was bored at school and he was labeled as a trouble maker. From that point on no matter what he did it was always his fault. I was ready to give up and I agreed to have him tested for ADHD.

He was diagnosed as a highly functioning child with ADHD due to his high IQ by a child psychiatrist.

When he started third grade (in a small school) he was already know as “the ADHD trouble maker” so the teacher never gave him a chance. The bad behaviour continued yet he was one of the top students. I started thinking that maybe they are right and my son has ADHD and needs to be medicated.

After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes first 6-7 months were hard to get his blood glucose under control so of course everybody assumed he was acting up due to ADHD.

In a fourth grade he was lucky to have one of the best teachers I ever met. Once again he was allowed to be himself. His teacher took the time to get to know him instead of listening to the faculty members. He gave him extra challenges, he ave him special responsibilities. It was the best year.

Of course, I was told it is due to his ADHD medication working properly.

Every morning when I gave him his medication there was this feeling of doubt that was bothering me. I was afraid to take him of his medication because what if……..

He was doing great at school. He was making lots friends. His diabetes wasn’t bad. I left it alone.

Has Your Child Been Misdiagnosed 1Till few months ago….my son’s new pediatrician questioned his ADHD after meeting him at his diabetic clinic.

He suggested to have him tested for ADHD again.

I had vision of 1-2 year waiting list.

Then he informed us that he belongs to a group of clinicians that use online ADHD screening and treatment monitoring tools.

Within two days we had the results and my son is nowhere near being ADHD. He’s just a typical teenager with diabetes.

If you would like to find out if your child suffers from ADHD and if there is a clinician in your area that is registered with Online ADHD Rating Scales visit ADHD Rating Scales

Why Do People Rent Cars?

In the United States alone, there are nearly two million rental cars available at over 19,000 locations. Renting a car isn’t just for tourists. There are a host of reasons why people rent cars, ranging from necessity to convenience.

Rent Cars

More room

Sometimes your car just isn’t big enough to accommodate all the people that need to be transported. This might happen when relatives visit from out of town, or if you want to go on a vacation with friends but don’t want to take two vehicles. Conversely, someone’s vehicle may be too large. If people own a large, gas-guzzling SUV or minivan and want to go on a long trip with only one or two other people, it may be more economical and environmentally friendly to rent a smaller, fuel-efficient vehicle.

Rent Cars


Someone might rent a car for business purposes. He or she may have important clients to transport and wants to make a good impression with a nicer car than their own. Businessmen may rent a luxury car when going to a convention or business meeting to project a sense of success and prosperity. Sometimes, a job may require travel, and rather than put wear and tear on a personal vehicle, a rental car is used.


Often travelers rent cars when they take a flight. They simply need a way to get around while they are out of town. Rental car agencies are located at every major airport to make it easy for travelers to rent and return rental cars.

Rent Cars

Car Repairs

People may need to rent a car when their personal vehicle is in the shop for repairs or has been in an accident and isn’t available.

Social Occasions

Sometimes people will rent cars for social occasions such as special dates or parties. Some people like to impress their dates with a hot new sports car or enjoy driving a fancy luxury car to a dance or party.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Health insurance is always a major topic of concern among people at election time, but it is also a good idea to take a look at your health insurance when you are about to embark on a trip abroad. While the many benefits of standard health insurance are well-known to most people, there are also some very good reasons why travelers should have a policy specifically tailored for those trips that will take them out of the country.Benefits of Health Insurance

Travelers Need It Frequently

We tend to think that the possibility we might need health insurance while we are on a trip is remote, but that is actually not the case. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, half of the travelers from the United States to another country experience some sort of health problem. A statistic like that indicates that it is a big benefit to having insurance because of the strong likelihood that you will need care while you are abroad.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Protect Your Financial Future

Carrying health insurance specifically designed for your international travel can protect you from being stuck with the sky-high bills that can be incurred when travelling internationally. Most U.S. insurance companies do not include coverage at international facilities or for emergency international medical evacuation. According to World Wide Medical Corp., these costs can run as high as $90,000. An insurance policy is well worth knowing you are protected from that risk.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Save the Cost of Your Trip

A big benefit to having health insurance is that you are covered for costs that will be incurred should you have to cancel or cut short your trip. Airlines, cruise companies, and tour operators have big penalties for itinerary changes and many have no refund policies should you cancel. Traveler’s insurance will give you peace of mind and financial protection in case you get sick, injured, or need any type of medical attention that causes you to be unable to continue your trip.

About Whale Watching

The majesty of a whale in the water can’t be conveyed on video or by watching a movie. Seeing one in person is an awe-inspiring and amazing sight. Whale watching tours provide safe and legal means to enjoy these impressive aquatic mammals, but you needn’t even get on a boat to fully enjoy.

About Whale Watching

Migration Patterns

Whales travel well-known paths between their winter breeding grounds and summer feeding grounds.


Whale watching tours provide a means to enter the waters near migration areas to observe whales, and often newborn calves. These tours operate under strict guidelines to avoid crowding the whales.

About Whale Watching


While in Maui, a good pair of binoculars is all you need to observe humpback whales right from your lanai or beach chair during migration season, in early fall. The channels are close enough that the whales are easily visible from land.


International laws vary, but if you’re kayaking or surfing and find yourself amid a pod of whales, back off. Most laws specify at least a 300 foot distance between you and any whales. Be especially wary if there’s a newborn in the midst. Stay calm and slowly paddle away.



If you’re heading out on a boat, layer up. Breezes on board can be stiff in many areas, so make sure that you have adequate coverage to keep yourself warm.

Salton Sea, California Restaurants

Located in Southern California outside of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, is the Salton Sea both boasting the largest state park and lake in the state. The water has become saltier than that of the Pacific Ocean over time. The thousands of brine shrimp feed fish and thousands of resident and migratory birds who call the lake home. The lake has been a popular recreation spot for decades with visitors enjoying water sports, fishing, hiking and camping. You can always find a great spot to eat in any one of the surrounding areas while seeing the local sights.

Travertine Grill


One of the few restaurants located next to the sea, Travertine is a favorite for visitors and locals alike. Serving up American fare with some Mexican choices can make it difficult to choose between the fajitas or the Barbette ribs. You can sit at the bar and watch a game on the TV or dine in the dining area and check out the view to scope out your next spot on the lake.

Travertine Grill
1209 Van Buren Ave.
Salton City, CA 92275
(760) 394-0040



Subway is a familiar favorite chain restaurant for many and home of the famous foot-long sandwich. Whether you create your own healthy sandwich or choose one of the many prefixed menu options like the Big Philly Cheese-steak, you will be satisfied with a convenient and tasty meal to take on the road.

3095 State Highway 86
Thermal, CA 92274‎
(760) 395-1390‎

Steakhouse at the Inn

Steakhouse at the

Just south of the lake the Inn offers a great place to stay or grab a bite to eat. You will find a fine dining experience with a casual atmosphere here as you can dine inside or out in the courtyard overlooking the pool. Being a steakhouse many choice cuts of beef like rib-eye and New York are on the menu as well as other favorites such as fried shrimp and fish tacos. Each meal comes with rolls, salad, a vegetable and potatoes so be sure to bring your appetite.

Calipatria Inn and Suites-Steakhouse at the Inn
700 N. Sorensen Ave.
Calipatria, CA 92233
(760) 348-7348

Assaggio Ristorante Italiano

Assaggio Ristorante

About 20 miles west of the Salton Sea, you can find traditional Italian cuisine at Assaggio in Borrego Springs. The menu here provides a variety of choices from antipasti and soup to numerous chicken, veal and seafood. The house specials include Osso Bucco and the Fish of the Day with three cooking options to ensure each customer is happy with her dish. This restaurant is not open on Mondays.

Assaggio Ristorante Italiano
1816 Palm Canyon Drive
Borrego Springs, CA 92004
(760) 767-3388

While Facebook Changes, Google+ Grows… A Lot

The topic of conversation in the social media space for the past week or so has been about the changes Facebook announced last week during it f8 Conference. But while the dust is still settling and the love/hate comments continue to pile in, Google+ quietly made some news of its own.

I, like most of you, waited patiently for the news re: Facebook’s latest round of changes. And I, like most of you, am still disseminating just what they all mean for both individuals and brands alike. I wrote a post What The Changes To Facebook Mean To Marketers And Advertisers last week in which I give a high level overview of Timeline and Open Graph and what marketers and advertisers need to do going forward.


And while Amazon Wants A Piece Of The Social Media And Social Games Pie and Bing Continues To Add Social Media Features, Google, very quietly some might say – which is shocking considering it’s Google, made news over the past week or so by opening up Google+ to the masses and the results have been overwhelming.

According to data from Experian Hitwise…

Visits to Google Plus increased by 1269% following the release of Google+ to everyone
In the US alone, Google+ received 15 million visits, compared to the little more than 1 million the week before the grand opening, if you will
In Hitwise’s Social Networking and Forums category, Google+ rose from 54th to 8th in overall rankings
And as the folks at ReadWriteWeb point out, “That’s not all the traffic, either. These stats don’t include mobile users or visits from the ubiquitous black Google toolbar. The data still show that Google Plus is disproportionately comprised of “influencers” and “early adopters” compared to other social networks, but the removal of invitations seems to have jump-started visits to the service.”

So while Mark Zuckerberg basks in the glow of the Timeline et al, and 500 million daily active users, Google keeps on trucking with the number of users at or around 43 million and growing. Google is also poised to officially announce the creation of the much-anticipated Business Profiles on Google+. In case you missed it, when Google+ first came to be, some brands tried to set up Business Profiles – Mashable, Sesame Street to name a few, only to see Google put the kibosh on them. To date, there are only two officially recognized Business Profiles on Google+ – Ford Motor Company and General Motors.

g+ vs facebook

However that hasn’t stopped some others from cropping up such as Verizon, Snapple and Starbucks. These were apparently “set up surreptitiously by companies, fans or squatters registering the brand name” as reported in Ad Age. But fear not legitimate businesses worried that an impostor is staking its claim, Google is watching… “It’s not a land-grab situation,” said Google spokesman Jim Prosser. “Right now it’s very clear, because there’s only two business we’re testing with, so in a very binary way, it’s clear that anyone who’s acting as a business on there [is not authentic].”

Not to belabor the Business Profile topic but one thing to keep in mind when they do become available to everyone and every business, it will not be like Twitter where only account could be created for one given name. If you recall there was a mad land-grab as Twitter became more popular and many big name brands realized they missed the boat and had to either pay for their Twitter handle or create a different one, then slap the Verified Account label on its profile. With Google+ there will be no such limit as one name can be registered multiple times. Google+ will however provide those legitimate businesses and representatives therein with a similar type of verification badges to identify the real from the fake.

Facebook’s World Dominance… For Now

There’s a chart (to the right) going around which shows Facebook’s dominance in the online space. I first saw it on and the writer of the post which included the chart uses the line “… Google is so freaked out about Facebook.” The writer was referring to the obvious stranglehold Facebook has right now. But call me crazy but I don’t think Google is freaked out, freaked in or freaked anything when it comes to Facebook or any other social media network or platform.

Why? Well as Josh Spiegel, one of our Search Marketing Managers likes to say… “Because it’s Google.”

And you can be damn sure many others are taking the same approach…

“We’re always looking at new opportunities to engage our fans. We’ve been monitoring Google+ since it launched and will actively seek ways to incorporate our brands when the time is right.” – Robert Stone, Director of Interactive for the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

“Given Google’s strong track record, both +1 and Google+ are platforms that we are closely watching. We are most interested in +1 because of its potential impact on search.” – Michael Zuna, Chief Marketing Officer of Aflac