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Do you think your child suffers from ADHD or do you think your child was misdiagnosed with ADHD?

Either way there is a simple solution to that and now it is available online from privacy of your own home.Has Your Child Been Misdiagnosed 1

My older son was diagnosed with ADHD in fall of 2005 at the age of 8. Few months later in December of 2005 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

If you are familiar with symptoms of low and high blood glucose in children with type 1 diabetes these symptoms can easily be misinterpreted as symptoms of ADHD.

When my son’s blood glucose is high he gets restless, fidgety, talks too much, can’t concentrate….you get the point.

I questioned his ADHD diagnoses ever since his diabetes entered our lives.

It’s true that he was a handful since he entered elementary school,but I always thought he was not challenged enough and he didn’t have a teacher who would allow him be himself. His Kindergarten teacher was one of those teachers that if a child doesn’t fit into a certain box with certain criteria that child MUST BE a trouble maker or suffer from ADHD.

His first grade teacher was a complete opposite. She allowed him to express himself, she challenged him and she even admitted that he knew more about certain subjects that she did. She suggested that we should have his IQ tested. To no surprise his IQ for a 6 year old was above average.

Has Your Child Been Misdiagnosed 1Unfortunately, in second grade his teacher was once again “fit into a box” teacher and the trouble started again. My son’s behaviour was out of control, he was bored at school and he was labeled as a trouble maker. From that point on no matter what he did it was always his fault. I was ready to give up and I agreed to have him tested for ADHD.

He was diagnosed as a highly functioning child with ADHD due to his high IQ by a child psychiatrist.

When he started third grade (in a small school) he was already know as “the ADHD trouble maker” so the teacher never gave him a chance. The bad behaviour continued yet he was one of the top students. I started thinking that maybe they are right and my son has ADHD and needs to be medicated.

After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes first 6-7 months were hard to get his blood glucose under control so of course everybody assumed he was acting up due to ADHD.

In a fourth grade he was lucky to have one of the best teachers I ever met. Once again he was allowed to be himself. His teacher took the time to get to know him instead of listening to the faculty members. He gave him extra challenges, he ave him special responsibilities. It was the best year.

Of course, I was told it is due to his ADHD medication working properly.

Every morning when I gave him his medication there was this feeling of doubt that was bothering me. I was afraid to take him of his medication because what if……..

He was doing great at school. He was making lots friends. His diabetes wasn’t bad. I left it alone.

Has Your Child Been Misdiagnosed 1Till few months ago….my son’s new pediatrician questioned his ADHD after meeting him at his diabetic clinic.

He suggested to have him tested for ADHD again.

I had vision of 1-2 year waiting list.

Then he informed us that he belongs to a group of clinicians that use online ADHD screening and treatment monitoring tools.

Within two days we had the results and my son is nowhere near being ADHD. He’s just a typical teenager with diabetes.

If you would like to find out if your child suffers from ADHD and if there is a clinician in your area that is registered with Online ADHD Rating Scales visit ADHD Rating Scales