About Whale Watching

The majesty of a whale in the water can’t be conveyed on video or by watching a movie. Seeing one in person is an awe-inspiring and amazing sight. Whale watching tours provide safe and legal means to enjoy these impressive aquatic mammals, but you needn’t even get on a boat to fully enjoy.

About Whale Watching

Migration Patterns

Whales travel well-known paths between their winter breeding grounds and summer feeding grounds.


Whale watching tours provide a means to enter the waters near migration areas to observe whales, and often newborn calves. These tours operate under strict guidelines to avoid crowding the whales.

About Whale Watching


While in Maui, a good pair of binoculars is all you need to observe humpback whales right from your lanai or beach chair during migration season, in early fall. The channels are close enough that the whales are easily visible from land.


International laws vary, but if you’re kayaking or surfing and find yourself amid a pod of whales, back off. Most laws specify at least a 300 foot distance between you and any whales. Be especially wary if there’s a newborn in the midst. Stay calm and slowly paddle away.



If you’re heading out on a boat, layer up. Breezes on board can be stiff in many areas, so make sure that you have adequate coverage to keep yourself warm.