Telescope Shopping Tips From An Experienced Astronomer

Astronomy and stargazing have been rampantly the rage of today’s generation. Millions of people across the globe are very much interested and passionate to see celestial objects and everything that can be seen beyond our planet. Not only astronomy is a fascinating activity but also it is educational to all people regardless of their age and backgrounds. Indeed, being able to see stunning objects such as the moon, starts, planets etc. is an interesting activity. No wonder why so many people are deeply engaged and invested in astronomy and stargazing.

Now, if you are one of those millions of people who are interested ton do astronomy as a hobby, the every first thing that you need to do is to look for the right telescope for you. As a beginner, having the perfect telescope that best fits your preference is an important factor to consider. With a lot of brands available in the market, shopping for your first telescope can be challenging and daunting. But worry not because this article will help you on how to look for your telescope. Thus, here are some of the telescopes shopping tips from an experienced astronomer.

Most important specification – Aperture

The most essential and the number one factor every buyer should check first when buying a telescope is the aperture. This is the distance or the diameter of the lens or mirror of your telescope. The main purpose of the aperture is to collect and gather light for you to clearly see a particular object using your telescope. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the aperture, the better. Hence, whether you are looking for the best solar telescope or the best telescope for photography, or any type of telescope you desire, aperture should always be the number one thing to consider.

Different types of Telescope

Telescopes come in three different types. They are refractors, reflectors and compound. Knowing the type of telescope that you need for astronomy should also be considered in telescope shopping. Refractors use lens while reflectors use mirrors in gathering light to view an object. Compound telescope is a combination of refractors and reflectors features so it utilized both lens and mirrors. These types of telescopes come in different designs, features and prices. So you need to do thorough research about the type that best suits your need before buying your telescope.


The mount serves as the stand that supports the body of your telescope. Without it, it would be difficult for you to handle the telescope in viewing in the night sky. Therefore, the mount of a telescope is also one of the suggested factor by experienced astronomers that buyers need to consider. Most importantly, buyers need to check the quality and durability of the mound. Since it supports the telescope, it should be made from quality materials. Also, experienced astronomers suggest to look for a mount that is portable and can easily set up for the users to be convenient both in carrying and setting it up.