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Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual

February 12, 2020

I like to walk for fitness and needed shoes that will give me comfort, and durability. I have purchased, and...

Cheap Shoe Review: Dexter Cafe Livingston II Men’s Closed Toe Fisherman Sandal

February 8, 2020

Let's get a few things straight right now. I don't own a...

Mr Clean Magic Eraser Vs Walgreens Multi Eraser – Comparison Review

February 7, 2020

I was a fan of Mr Clean Magic Eraser from the first...


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Top 5 Things that Makes Steam Suck

January 4, 2020

If you're a PC gamer and you don't know about Valve's digital...

How Effective is Wii Fit?

January 3, 2020

Sports & Recreation

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Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual

February 12, 2020

I like to walk for fitness and needed shoes that will give...

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How to Dress for the Extreme Cold

Having lived in Wisconsin with temperatures AND wind chills below -20o F with wind speeds of 20+ mph, I have learned how important it is to dress for the weather.

The body is divided into 5 areas that need protection from the cold. Here are some tips to help you keep warm when outside in extreme cold weather. I will list, from my experiences, the tips for each area of the body going from the least important to most important.

  1. This includes the area above the ankles and below the waist, mainly the legs. Personally, this area of the body hasn’t been a big issue in the cold, but you might want to consider wearing thick pants (jeans are usually thick enough), possibly with sweatpants underneath so you have 2 layers of pants.
  1. Upper Body

This includes the area above the waist and below the neck, including the arms but not the hands. This area is not really an issue for me either. Just remember to wear multiple layers of shirts. The thicker the shirts, the better off you’ll be. Remember, it is better to wear 2 shirts that are each a quarter inch thick, rather than 1 shirt that is half an inch thick. Layers of clothing are almost always a good idea when trying to keep warm. You should obviously wear a jacket or a coat of some sort. If it has a hood, that will protect you from the cold even better.

  1. Feet

This can be a big issue when wearing normal shoes and when you have to stay in extreme cold for a long time. Your feet will begin to hurt with every step you take when they have been in the cold for too long. I would suggest wearing double layers of socks and possibly getting heated socks or something similar to keep your feet warm.

  1. Hands

For me, this has been one of the biggest annoyances. When the temperature and wind chill are below -20o F, wearing gloves (heated recommended), is very important. Simply keeping your hands in your coat pockets without any gloves on usually won’t work too well. The freezing winds figure out a way to sneak into the tiny spaces of the pockets that your hands are in.

If you do not wear gloves in the extreme cold, your hands will go through a process the longer you stay in the cold if you do not put on gloves and elect to use your pockets to keep them warm. Depending on how cold it is (assuming below -20o F), for the first 5-10 minutes you will just feel the cold winds making your hands really cold. After about 15 minutes, your hands will begin to literally hurt from the cold. After a while later, they will begin to go numb. This has happened to me. Trying to find a key in a keychain to open the door to get inside the house can become difficult. You can move your hands, but they will not be able to feel anything so it can be weird. Eventually your hands will totally go numb and fall asleep. You won’t be able to move your hands (just like when your hands fall asleep). At this point, the hands have stopped hurting, but that is because they have gone totally numb. There have been times where I have had to wait 5-10 minutes to make the numbness in my hands go away so that I can use my hands to find the appropriate key in my keychain to open the door to the house to even go in! Keeping the hands warm is very important.

  1. Head

Obviously, if you fail to keep this part of your body warm, you won’t last too long in the cold. For me, the biggest issue are the ears and eyes. The ears will hurt from the cold, and the eyes will get watery from the cold wind. Often when the temperature drops low enough, the hairs inside your nose will freeze and breathing through the nose can become difficult. This should be considered when wearing any scarves to cover the mouth area. You definitely should wear a hat to keep your head and ears warm. If your coat has a hood, then that will protect you from some of the wind. A Scarf over most of the face would also be a good idea. Wearing sunglasses to prevent the wind from going into your eyes will really help. All in all, keep your head warm!

Even when you have all these parts of your body covered with layers and layers of clothing, none of it will do too much good if there are spaces for the wind to sneak through. The most common places for the cold wind to enter through include but are not limited to, the openings in the bottom of your pants, the opening in the area where your coat meets the pants, the opening in the neck area of your coat, and the openings of the ends of your arms in your coat. The body of the person will remain warm after the consumption of the pills available at My Pill App website.  The pills have been tested in the laboratories through the person for availing to the customers. 

It would be wise to cover these openings to maximize the protection against the cold. The space at the ends of your pants near the ankles can be covered by wearing your socks over the pants rather than under the pants, in the ankle area. The space where the coat meets the pants, at your waistline, should be covered by making sure your coat is zipped and that you have your shirts tucked into your pants. The space in the neck area of the coat can be covered by wearing your hood if your coat has one, and/or wearing a scarf around the neck area. The spaces in the wrist area of the coat can be covered by wearing your gloves over your coat rather than under it.

If you want more information, you can download a great free eBook on the topic in the eBook called “Dressing for Cold” by Christine Betz Hall.

Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual

I like to walk for fitness and needed shoes that will give me comfort, and durability. I have purchased, and worn just about every brand of shoes there are, and was naturally a bit skeptical when my 14 year old daughter suggested that I try the brand of shoes she was wearing. Skechers.

I was not sure that a brand of shoes that teens are wearing would fit my life, but I agreed to at least go try on a pair.

We ended up at J.C. Penny’s and I found the Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual for $39.99. I tried them on and walked around the shoe department for a few minutes. I was surprised that they were comfortable form the beginning. Usually when I get a pair of tennis or walking shoes, it takes me a few days of breaking them in until they are comfortable.

The Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual were available in my size and width, which was another pleasant surprise, as I generally take a wide shoe size.

One thing that I think made the Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual feel comfortable to me was that they had a padded collar and tongue. This prevented rubbing against my upper foot. This is usually a problem area, and the Skechers are made to prevent this.

Since I do a lot of walking, the cushioned insole was very nice. It made it feel like I was walking on air. The midsole were well made also, and seemed to be very shock absorbing as I walked. Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual has a fairly high arch built in, which is something that I insist on in a shoe.

The Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual is made of a material that breathes and has a good deal of flexibility. One of the reasons I generally tend to go with running or walking shoes in the first place, is that leather shoes make my feet feel boxed in.

I bought the Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual about five months ago, and they are still going strong. Usually my casual shoes only seem to last for a couple of months. I have had back and knee problems which make me walk in such a way that my shoes wear unevenly.

So far I have not noticed an uneven wear with the Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual. I will wear these shoes until they wear out, and can guarantee I will make Skechers my brand of shoes. They look good in most casual situation, with blue jeans, or slacks. (I don’t know that I would recommend wearing them with a suit or a tux, but for most situations you can wear the Skechers Men’s Energy II Casual.

Fun Family Activities when Snowed in at Home

At the first sign of snow children all over the country are anxiously awaiting a snow day. The day where school is closed and they get to play outside in the snow or stay in and warm with their families.

So what can parents do when they have a houseful of kids who have no school for the day? Join in on the fun of course.

Bundle those kids up and head on outside and start the first snow ball fight of the season. Snow ball fights too rough for the younger crowd? Simple, grab a spray bottle and fill it with cold water and a few drops of food coloring. Spray a target in the snow and have some target practice with those snow balls.

Go a step further and build two snow forts facing each other. Divide into teams and hand out more spray bottles with food coloring and decorate each fort. Now the fun begins. Stock pile some snow balls and begin the snow fort wars. Whether trying to take down the opponents fort or their team members this one is sure to please.

Play pin the face on the snow man. Have everyone help build a snowman. Gather a carrot, some rocks and whatever else to decorate a face and take turns blindfolding one another and putting on the snowman’s face.

Build an igloo using buckets to create ice stones for the igloo carefully pack the snow into the buckets and stack them gently releasing them onto the base. Have someone else come along and firm them up using more snow as mortar.

If there’s a hill nearby consider a sledding party. Even a tarp can work as a sled in a pinch. Gather up sleds or toboggan’s or if desperate simply use a tarp or gunny sack and head to the top of the hill and have a great time. Make sure there are no trees to run into or rocky areas to prevent any injuries.

Have a snow angel making contest. Have everyone create a snow angel and then compare the differences. Can they create any other creatures in the same fashion?

Sculpt something other than a snowman and have a guessing contest to see what it is. It could be an animal or an inanimate object.

Grab a colored object such as an apple or colored ball and have a scavenger hunt. Create clues leading the kids to the clue and see how long it takes them to find it.

Play extreme croquet in the snow. Put little flags on the wire’s and set up a croquet course and use all but the white ball.

Play hopscotch with snow balls. Create a hopscotch with the spray bottle of colored water and then toss snowballs as in hopscotch. The only catch is doing it in boots without jumping.

Too cold to play outside? How about a game of twister inside? If there isn’t a twister mat available gather objects and create a course and make a twister type board on a large floor space. Using a spinner or die play the game as normal.

Need more inside fun? How about a story line. Have everyone sit in the same general area and start at one side of the room. Everyone has to say a line in a storyline. Someone may begin with “once when I was” and the story line passes to the next person and so on. Variations on this game can be packing for a trip and have the person say everyone else’s item in addition to theirs.

Play a board game. It’s fun to break out an old board game and play now and again. Whatever is chosen to do enjoy the family time and try not to stress, snow doesn’t last forever and eventually it will melt.

Cheap Shoe Review: Dexter Cafe Livingston II Men’s Closed Toe Fisherman Sandal

Let’s get a few things straight right now. I don’t own a Volvo. I’m not a vegan. I don’t eat yogurt. I didn’t vote for Obama. I’m not a communist. But, I did buy a pair of sandals recently at Payless. They had Dexter Livingston II Closed Toe Sandals on sale for $29.99. It was a mercilessly hot summer day in Florida’s Big Bend. How could I resist? You’d have done the same thing.

These Dexter Fisherman sandals are rugged looking. They might have been worn by Roman gladiators! They also have good arch support with a foam footbed. These Dexter Fishman seem solidly constructed with a leather and man-made upper for protection for the toes. With Florida summers being hot, these Dexter sandals make good sense. At least, they’ll let your feet air out. I found that these shoes were fairly comfortable for just walking around on weekends. With velcro side closures, Dexter Livingston II sandals did hold onto my feet well. There was no flopping around like you get when wearing flip-flops.

However, before you jump in the microbus and grab a pair, there are a few drawbacks with these sandals. First, the velcro straps that close these shoes are on the outside of the ankle rather than the inside. While everyone can cross their legs and rest a foot on their knees to tie shoes, relax, or contemplate their toes, it is really very awkward to reach the outside of your ankle, thread the velcro strap, and cinch it tight. Of course, if I regularly wore sandals, I’d probably go to yoga and just be able to pull my foot up to my underarm or something. The second issue that I encountered with these sandals was that my foot would slide around whenever I traversed uneven terrain. Otherwise, the Dexter sandals were great for straight line walking on the sidewalk or other flat surfaces.

I’m not totally sure that I can commit to sandals. They seem more like hippy shoes than gladiator shoes to me. When walking the dog, I also found that these sandals could occasionally collect a small pebble or tiny piece bark under my foot. That is probably a sandal thing, but I found it a tad annoying. Even though these are called Fisherman shoes, I can’t imagine bass champion Bill Dance wearing sandals. These are definitely more Walker Cay Chronicles.

Ultimately, these Dexter Livingston II Closed Toe Fisherman Sandals are probably worth having in my shoe closet. They are comfortable for walking. Plus, you don’t have to be a vegan to wear sandals. Besides, they’ll be good to have if I ever want to be a beatnik poet with my own fishing show.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser Vs Walgreens Multi Eraser – Comparison Review

I was a fan of Mr Clean Magic Eraser from the first time I used the product. With two young daughters, my house certainly gets it’s fair share of fingerprints, smudges and stains. I loved how easily the Mr Clean Magic Eraser cleaned up behind my family and the longevity of the sponges. I recently spotted a similar product in Walgreens, Walgreens Multi Eraser. With my house currently up for sale and never knowing if the realtor will call at any time with a potential buyer, I am ever more vigilant in keeping my house looking as clean and attractive as possible. This comparison review will put both products against each other and share my opinion on what is the better disposable cleaning pad.

Price And Quantity.

Both Mr Clean Magic Eraser and Walgreens Multi Eraser are available in a two count box. A two count package of Mr Clean Magic Erasers costs $3.99 at regular retail price, while a two count box of Walgreens Multi Eraser is only $2.99. With a one dollar savings, Walgreens Multi Eraser wins the fist round.

Versatility In Use.

Both products can be used to quickly clean scuff marks from the floors, smudges and fingerprints from walls and doors, crayon marks, appliances, vehicle interiors, bathroom soap scum, and sneakers as well as a variety of other household areas. Both the Mr Clean Magic Eraser and the Walgreens Multi Eraser are very handy to keep in every room of the house as the variety of surfaces these products can be used to clean is very large. Mr Clean Magic Eraser and Walgreens Multi Eraser are tied in this area.


During my usual cleaning routine as well as sprucing up my daughter’s sneakers for school, I interchanged the Mr Clean Magic Eraser and Walgreens Multi Eraser to see if there was any notable difference in the performance of these two products. I was happy to see that the Walgreens Multi Eraser held it’s own against the more popular brand of disposable cleaning pad. The Walgreens product cleaned my daughter’s sneakers beautifully and made them appear to be brand new. It did a nice job of removing the scuff marks from my kitchen floor in the high traffic areas and easily cleaned the fingerprints off of the refrigerator door. Again, Mr Clean Magic Eraser and Walgreens Multi Eraser are tied.


Here is where one product definitely shot out ahead in favor of the other. Both the Mr Clean Magic Eraser and Walgreens Multi Eraser are used in the same way. After wetting with water and squeezing out the excess, the cleaning pad gets rubbed on the surface to be cleaned. Once the pad becomes dirty, it gets rinsed with water, squeezed out and used again. After only one or two uses of the Walgreens Multi Eraser, the disposable cleaning pad began to disintegrate. I would have been able to understand had I been using this product on a heavily soiled surface or been applying an extreme amount of pressure, but that was not the case. The Mr Clean Magic Eraser holds up far better and can be used far more times before needing to be discarded in comparison to the Walgreens Multi Eraser. Mr Clean Magic Eraser is the clear winner.

Despite the savings in initial price, the lack of durability of the Walgreens Multi Eraser does not make this product a real savings. I will be much more inclined to pay the extra dollar for the Mr Clean Magic Eraser as I know that I will be able to use it several more times before needing to discard it. Although Walgreens Multi Eraser did a fine job in cleaning, I will stick with the Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

How to Buy San Diego HUD Homes

San Diego has the second largest population in the enormous state of California. As a major city in the most populous state, San Diego HUD officials sell many foreclosed properties on an ongoing basis. The federal agency accepts from both owner occupants who want to live in a San Diego HUD home and investors who are seeking to make a profit from these foreclosures. Those seeking to make a bid can do so through an approved San Diego real estate broker. HUD even makes it easy to find HUD homes in San Diego by providing an online listing of the properties.

Step 1:

Find the San Diego property listings by using the HUD website at This website actually lists almost all HUD properties for sale. To find the San Diego HUD homes, all you do is select California as the state and San Diego (or a city in the area of San Diego) as the city. You may even get a more specific listing of San Diego properties by using the advanced search features (look above the listings on the first page of the search results).

Note to Investors: You are not eligible to bid on all HUD San Diego homes because HUD likes to allocate certain properties to owner occupants for an initial period of listing time. However, you can easily find the investor HUD homes in San Diego by selecting “Investor” as the buyer type in the advanced search options.

Step 2:

Seek the services of a San Diego real estate broker. HUD also has a database to find a local broker to do your bidding. The search can be done after you select “Find a Broker” on the home page and choose San Diego or one of its suburbs or surrounding cities.

Step 3:

Once you are sure about homes you would like to purchase, then you need some financing unless you just happen to be paying in cash (investors often pay in cash). Go to San Diego mortgage lenders (banks or other institutions) and try to get a mortgage for the HUD bidding process.

Step 4:

You and your San Diego broker need to finalize all of the document preparation after you get preliminary approval for a loan. The broker will then place a bid for each San Diego HUD home for which you have adequate financing.

Step 5:

You will then pay a deposit and arrange for the full home loan if HUD accepts your bid to purchase a HUD San Diego property. A closing agent is also brought into the picture to close on the home.

Step 6:

California has the standard practice of using property deeds to show proof of home ownership. You should get a deed from HUD for each HUD home in San Diego that you purchase. File it with the county recorder in the county of the home you purchase, which is San Diego County in the case of real estate in the city of San Diego.

My Monthly Fitness Routine

As someone who is always trying to find ways to relieve boredom, stress and stay in shape, I have developed a monthly fitness routine. Developing a monthly routine lets me focus on trying to have time for myself while ensuring that I am able to keep myself as healthy as possible. I try to make sure that my cross-training fitness plan is able to be strenuous, yet easy enough for most healthy people can use to help themselves.

First week of the month

During the first week of the month, I always think that building up over the month is a great way to keep your routine. My first week includes walking and running 4 times during the week. The first walk should be at least a mile at a brisk pace, or at least 3 miles an hour. That should take you about 20 minutes. If it takes you longer than that, get yourself to that point. For the other 3 walks/run, integrate a technique known as “fartlek.” Fartlek is a technique where you sprint towards a landmark on a walk or run. Remember, the speed of your fartlek should be noticeably faster than walking. By the fourth run/walk, you want to be able to complete between 1.5 and 2 miles.

Second week of the month

For the second week of the month, I like to integrate some calisthenics into my workout. Usually, I like to add some push-ups, sit-ups and lunges. These will work most or all of your major muscle groups. There are still 3-4 walk-runs a week, but at least twice, I choose to integrate calisthenics. First, remember, you want to cross the two mile distance, no matter what. If you walk about 8 miles a week within two weeks at a brisk pace, you will notice that your energy level will be higher.

Third week of the month

In the third week of the month, you want to continue to integrate the calisthenics and add some stretching exercises. No matter what, you will want to stretch either when getting up in the morning or right after starting to walk or run. It will be more important to stretch out your leg muscles, especially if you are starting to jog. At this point, you want to walk/run at least 2.5 to 3 miles per workout and do the program at least 3 days a week.

Fourth week of the month

In this week of the month, you will want to be walking or running a minimum of 4 days a week and will want to be having a distance traveled of at least 3 miles per outing. At 12 miles a week, you will either be able to maintain your weight or even begin to lose weight. Odds are your stress will be somewhat relieved because of having a routine. I do not necessarily think integrating calisthenics during this week is necessary, but will help you in losing weight.

Good luck with trying this program if you choose to do so.

Top 5 Things that Makes Steam Suck

If you’re a PC gamer and you don’t know about Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam, you may need to come out of the age of 1989 IBM computers and get with today’s program. Steam is the largest digital distribution service in the world, and they cater to a huge variety of gamers with a catalog of games that spans countless titles from just about every big-name publisher in the gaming industry.

While Steam is hailed by many as the best in the business and it offers many great deals and services, there are a few things about Steam that also makes it suck…royally. Now this isn’t just some bash-e’m-up list, but these are the top 5 things that really do make Steam suck.

No. 1: Auto-Updates

This is a pretty cool feature: all your games are automatically updated to stay fresh and current with whatever new changes a developer adds to the game. Awesome right? Sort of.

The biggest problem with auto-updating is that Steam doesn’t give you the option to ask whether you want some games to auto-update or not. For some titles that may rank as a favorite it’s nice to know that it’s already up-to-date but it would be nice if Steam asked you before just automatically updating. For some games with custom mods an auto-update can sometimes result in replacing custom files.

A more viable solution would be if users actually get to see what’s being updated and more importantly, why. I don’t know about anyone else but before I let Windows do any updating I’m always curious to see what it wants to dump on my PC and why it wants to dump it there.

No. 2: Downloads Auto-Pause When Starting Another Game

I’m used to having multiple things running on the PC at any given time. And oftentimes I’m trying to blast through one game in order to get to the next, so there’s always something downloading. I imagine I’m not the only one who does this. So why on Earth does Steam automatically pause all downloads once you enter a game?

While it makes sense to pause a download for an online-only game, or maybe to pause the download while you’re watching a video through the Steam browser, it never made sense to me why Steam would pause a download unless I wanted it to. Basically, it means users have to stay vigilant and Alt-Tab back to the Steam browser to resume downloading.

No. 3: Steam Client Launching When Running The Native Exe

Why is it that when it’s time to run a game without Steam the native .exe for the game still opens the Steam client? It’s understandable that the desktop icon opens up the game and the Steam client but is it too much to ask for that when running the game from its directory to maybe not open Steam?

Technically this is tied to the whole piracy/DRM thing, and removing the need to open the Steam client while running the native .exe for a game would basically mean that anyone could copy and paste the game’s executable and run it from any PC. At the same time, though, trying to run a game without the Steam client seems to be more of a hassle than what it’s worth.

No. 4: Not Being Able To Choose Installation Destinations

Game’s these days are huge, there’s no denying it. While console versions of most games (or at least Xbox 360 versions) are compressed and optimized like most people wouldn’t believe, the PC versions of games are not compressed and rarely ever properly optimized, leaving gamers with mammoth sized products that vary anywhere between 4GB and 25GBs worth of data.

As most gamers can imagine, having more than a handful of games exceeding 10GB can fill up the hard disk space rather quickly. The only problem is that if you get all your games through Steam there’s the problem of having to keep all the games within the Steam directory. This means that if the drive with Steam on it starts filling up then you’ll either have to play hard-drive-Tetris with the games installed or move the entire Steam directory onto a new hard disk.

No. 5: Not Being Able To Play While Another Game Is Launching

This is probably the one thing that makes Steam suck more than anything else on this list: not being able to run or launch any game installed through Steam when another game is installing, launching or actively updating.

If a game is synching with the cloud, preparing to launch or installing some other feature you’re basically at the mercy of said updates. It once took about 10 minutes for Steam to do some sort of cloud synching (again, there was no way of knowing exactly what it was doing or why, but it took about 10 minutes for it to synch a Half-Life 2 update) all the meanwhile there was nothing to do in the meantime. When trying to launch games Steam quickly notified me that another game was updating and that playing a game while another game was updating was not possible. When trying to execute the game from its native directory it tried running through the Steam client once more, with the same notice popping up.

If Steam isn’t going to tell users what it’s updating it should at least ask first whether gamers want the update at that very moment. Auto-updating isn’t bad but when it impedes on playing other games then it starts to get annoying.

Given that Valve seems to continually add new features to Steam (albeit slowly) maybe a few of these peeves will get resolved for those of us who like having a little choice in how programs run on our computers.

Is your Steam stuck in Offline mode?  lt;- This guide might help you out.

How Effective is Wii Fit?

Being a woman over thirty and trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans that you swore fit you just the other day can be debilitating. Trying on clothes in an attempt to find something that doesn’t make you look like a floating tent gets frustrating. So in your frustration you make up your mind, you are going to lose the weight. You are going to wear that sexy pair of jeans next winter if you have to live on half a rice cake and water twice a day for the rest of your life. You plan your morning and evening work out, and for the first week you are energized and feel that much closer to your goal. Suddenly the running gets boring; you can’t get up early enough or go out late enough to beat the searing summer heat. You think to yourself, I wanna get out there and do it, but there has go to be a better way. Like a professional psychic, Nintendo has answered the call with the WII Fit.

Introduced in May of 2008, the Wii fit brought, literally, a new platform that offers a pressure sensitive balance board allowing you to measure your b.m.i. (body mass index), engage in step aerobics and yoga, and track your daily progress-letting you know how long it’s been since you worked out. At it’s debut, the Wii fit complete with board, sold 70 million copies. Currently it is in the top five of games sold. These numbers have given game makers a whole new way to increase the percentage of women who purchase games with titles such as Your Shape, Walk It Out, and Daisy Fuentes Pilates, fitness and gaming is being revolutionized. But how good is it? Is a downward facing dog on a board, or a boxing match with a big headed trainer on wii sports as good as a run on the treadmill, or hitting the gym and knocking out ten sets of leg lifts on the weight machine?

I talked to a friend of mine, who has been a personal trainer since 1999, and has had his own fitness studio-Energy Personal Training located in Mesa Arizona- about his take on the Wii fit. His advice, anything that gets you moving is always good. Of course something is always better than nothing. According to the ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine) effective weight loss and avoiding regain requires two to three hundred minutes of exercise per week minimum, and reduce your caloric intake by 500-1000. That’s based on a five day week, or 40-60 minutes per day. Wow, suddenly the realization of my fifteen minute walk the other day has hit me like a ton of bricks, and so has that piece of cake I had the other day. So, you can get a decent work out maybe doing forty minutes of yoga, or push ups or aerobic with the Wii fit. An article written by James Priless in the October issue of Best Life begs to differ. He says if you want to really work it out, you would be better off with boxing or the dance dance revolution.

So, do we really need the wii fit to propel us into ultimate fitness? Perhaps not. It doesn’t create motivation to do something you wouldn’t normally do. If you don’t have the discipline to get up and get going a cool board is only a fad and won’t be enough to keep you going. Past fitness statistics have shown sixty percent of adult women do not do the necessary amount of activity, and twenty-five percent are not active at all. Ultimately, whether you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or lose weight, the wii fit is a fun option that perhaps can make something tedious more interesting. The key is consistency, so if you’re utilizing the wii fit board or not, a routine is critical. The attitude can’t be following the latest work out trend, but establishing a new lifestyle. The effectiveness of the wii fit can never be measured because it’s not the tool, but how we use the tool. The wii fit, as well as the wii provides great family involvement that perhaps other things have not in the past. So if it gets your family moving, enjoy.

Weight Loss; Creating Easy Steps that Turn into a Life Change

Over 5 years ago I began a journey, though I never thought it would give me the tools to handle other issues that would arise in my life.

I stepped on the scale and I looked down, there it was, 208 pounds; I was shocked, to say the least. I had to lose weight, but not for vanity reasons. My mother was overweight and she had many health problems, all due to her weight; and I was doomed for the same if I didn’t change my ways.

I had to start somewhere but I didn’t have money to spend on various different programs. I went online to search for any free or low fee weight loss programs. It didn’t take long to find Sparkpeople. It is all FREE! What a treasure to find. I found many tools to accomplish my goals. I was more than elated. This is definitely my ticket to success.

I’ll tell you, this journey was not an easy one. It took more than just going on some fade diet. I was looking at a complete overhaul of my thought process and lifestyle. It began with little goals. The whole site is geared towards small goals, such as, losing my first 5 pounds.

The site is “user friendly”, it doesn’t take much to navigate it. The nutrition section is built so that you can either use their menu, which you can also print out a grocery list, so that you can get the food from the list. There is also an option to input the food you eat. It is based on calories. You would think, well this is just another weight loss program, no way! I entered my calories in a couple of times then I realized just how much I was overeating. I was eating WAY more calories and not to mention too many empty calories. That is what made my mind up, this is the way I would eventually get to my ultimate goal, a healthier me.

There are also other goals that I set up for yourself. These did include; to stop drinking soda, work out two times a week for ten minutes, or joining a multitude of community support

As my weight shed, I began to see that it wasn’t just a fade diet or that the site had some underlining intention of scamming money from you, nope it was there to help people like me or anyone out there looking for a lifestyle change. They where changes that slowly where integrated into my life and then they became part of my daily routine.

As of today I weigh 142 pounds, I have kept my weight off for over 5 years. Without the help of Sparkpeople, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Through Sparkpeople I did more than just lose weight, it taught me to be patient and to take steps. These steps turn into my ultimate goal. And with this I now have the knowledge to apply to many other areas in my life.