What's For Lunch?

SandwichWillpower is HARD. It’s been said that one wakes up each morning with a certain amount of discipline, but as the day wears on, that discipline starts to wear off. Sure, we can start our day off with a nourishing breakfast, but we can’t forget about lunch. With just a little planning, you can have a beautiful and nourishing meal ready and waiting, giving you the willpower to resist the cookies that your coworker INSISTS on bringing into the office, or keep you from heading into a fast food drive thru.


Lunching in Style with Green Apple Supply

Not only is packing a lunch every day easy on your wallet, but it also cuts down on the amount of trash we generate. Think about the daily use of items like Styrofoam, tiny individual condiment holders, plastic baggies for cutlery, and plastic bags to hold it all in place. Most of that cannot be recycled or composted. Now think about it on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Reusable lunch items can eliminate a TON of trash and waste; it's a small adjustment that can have exponential results.

A smart lunch is not just what you put into your lunch, but how you carry it. My motto is, "If you have something cute to workout in, you are more likely to work out.” This most definitely translates to food as well. So why not choose to take your lunch to work, school, or in the car for a busy day of errands in style?!

Green Apple Supply has some really great goodies for all of your lunch needs, whether it’s bamboo utensils that you can use over and over, stack-able tins, stylish water bottles, or something as simple as a reusable sandwich wrap, they’ve got you covered! Check out more meal toting options here!

Food for Thought

Below are some of my favorite lunch staples that are versatile, beautiful (because we eat with our eyes as well as our mouths!) and will continue to energize you throughout the day.

Cauliflower Cakes with Brown Rice and Cheddar These bad boys can transform a lunch. I make a bunch and use them throughout the week. You can put them on top of a salad, plop them in a pita pocket or wrap, or put them in your child’s lunch box and they will be TOTALLY unaware that you are sneaking vegetables and whole grains into their tummies.

Fiesta Kale Slaw Wraps I love a wrap, you can pack them with tons of healthy ingredients and top it off with some hot sauce, or any of your favorite condiments! Way more exciting and filling than a salad but still loaded with healthy energy providing ingredients.

Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars Make a batch of these and store them in your freezer, they make a great sweet mid-morning or afternoon snack to get you through a slump.