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  • Let's Get Organized!

    2GYB1NSBQGThere are few things more enjoyable than a clean house or work space. Clean doesn’t just mean the surfaces are clean, it means everything is in its’ place. Being organized eliminates clutter, reduces the amount of waste you create, makes it easier for you to dictate to others where things should go, and makes you more prepared to take whatever the day throws at you. We have amassed several things that can help you get organized in your home or work space in a stylish and environmentally responsible way.

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  • 5 Ways to Give Back This ThanksGIVING

    I love this time of year when we can appreciate the first stirrings of winter. Autumnal colors, cozy evenings by the fire, and warm, comforting drinks help us usher in the seasonal shift. But the season is fleeting and I’m often left still wanting as the branches become bare and the snow begins to accumulate. Yet I find the brevity of the Fall a very appropriate place for Thanksgiving—the shorter days an apropos reminder of the ephemeral moments of joy, health and peace that might otherwise go unrecognized.

    Many of us take time out this month to show our appreciation by expressing daily gratitude or volunteering to support those less fortunate. In the hope that we can each find a way to give back this season, here are 5 creative ways of expressing thanks:

    1. Give thanks – Has someone gone out of their way for you? Is there a particular person who may at times escape your attention? It could be someone very close (a spouse, parent or coworker) or someone with whom you have very little contact (the cleaning staff in your office, mail carrier or toll taker). Take the time to thoughtfully craft a letter—the old-fashioned way—in your handwriting on a piece of quality paper. Let them know you’re thinking of them this Thanksgiving.

    2. Give a gift – Of course, there are some for whom you wish to show your gratitude with a gift. I like to bring gifts that are lasting, personal and that don’t have to be shared at a gathering (like wine or dessert). That way, once the season has passed, they have a lasting memento of your appreciation.

    3. Give a donation – Thanksgiving is such an appropriate time to make a charitable donation in honor of someone you want to acknowledge. It’s the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation while truly honoring the season. Check for local Thanksgiving donation opportunities in your area.

    4. Give (it a) rest – This is also the time of year to set petty differences aside. Whether you call a temporary truce, agree to disagree, or make lasting peace, this is not only a gift to you and your adversary but a treasure to the whole family.

    5. Give your time and attention – Don’t underestimate how impactful your presence can be! Whether you visit an elderly family member, stop by the office of an unpopular coworker or sit down beside a destitute individual on the sidewalk, taking time out of your day to let someone know that you see them can make all the difference. So many of us stumble through the world, lonely and adrift. Stop for a chat. Make eye contact. Let them know you care.

  • Perfection vs Progress

    A very wise friend once told me that “we cannot let perfection stand in the way of progress.” That statement has stayed with me for years, running through my mind at opportune moments, always with a little picture of her smiling face attached, as if it were a Facebook post. It is with me when I am sourcing new products for Green Apple Supply and trying to assess their level of sustainability. And it is with me when I am tempted to judge another's use of products I see as poisons. And it is definitely with me on the days when I feel overwhelmed by the task ahead and exhausted by the endless work of saving the planet from humanity, or maybe more accurately, saving humanity from itself. And her voice speaks the loudest when I find myself speaking to someone new to the green movement. Someone who would like to make safer choices for themselves and their families, but are overwhelmed by the idea of where to start or what to buy. This is arguably when my messaging is of the utmost importance. It is the first impression of what it means to be eco-friendly, a person’s lasting idea of just how hard this change is going to be.

    It is so tempting to brazenly spout all of my eco knowledge; to become a geyser of the terminology, facts, experiences and wisdom that I have picked up along the way. But this is the time for discretion. This newcomer need not understand the challenges I face, now miles down the road; they need only understand the steps they must take tomorrow.

    In fact, it’s not yet time for sharing at all. Knowing that someone wants to go green is not near enough information to elicit a compelling response. What are their specific reasons for going green? I can tailor my response to their desires. Although the “perfect” version of sustainability may be an interconnected web of all actions and all things, those desiring cleaner air to breathe may take an entirely different path than those considering the health of wildlife or those specifically upset by a particular illness.

  • The Green Journey: Beyond Back-to-School Shopping

    I set out to dedicate the month of August to Back-to-School blogs, which seemed very logical at the time. After all, it’s back-to-school season and Green Apple Supply was inspired in part by a particularly poignant back-to-school shopping experience. Yet, here I am, one week in, with writer’s block. How is that possible?!

    I have spent the past week tossing and turning back-to-school blog ideas around in my head, asking for input from friends, family, complete strangers…and nothing. Although I am unquestionably dedicated to the health and safety of our children, the idea of blogging about the specifics of their day-to-day is not where I want my blog to focus. Quite frankly, the variety of blogs is astounding – I would be arrogant in assuming that I could do better than the amazing options that already exist.

    I want to dedicate my blog to the core concepts behind Green Apple Supply and Compassionate Capitalism. I want to discuss how they have infiltrated my life and I want to inspire others to bring them into theirs. Of course, these concepts have relevance to back-to-school season, but I feel that was adequately covered last week. And these concepts are bigger than any one “season”. This is about bringing business strategy and sustainability, in all senses of the word, into our daily decision making.

  • Relaunch Reflection

    It’s an amazing feeling to be able to look back on any successful endeavor. And it’s that much sweeter when your professional goals align with your personal values, the way that Green Apple Supply’s do with mine. After over a year of hard work, modifications, setbacks and uncertainties, seeing our new site come alive last week was beyond thrilling! And our customer response was both humbling and exhilarating—the emails and phone calls of support were so very meaningful! Thank you for each and every word!

    And since Green Apple Supply has truly been a family endeavor, it was also incredibly fulfilling to watch my husband and children enjoy the week’s success. On July 30, my daughter’s 10th birthday and the date of the relaunch, my first blog posted. So I started the day by reading it to her. It is rare that we can find a reason to celebrate her disease and recognize it as a tool for growth and success. Yet I could see the pride and realization as it shone in her eyes, growing stronger with each word.

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