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  • Let's Get Organized!

    2GYB1NSBQGThere are few things more enjoyable than a clean house or work space. Clean doesn’t just mean the surfaces are clean, it means everything is in its’ place. Being organized eliminates clutter, reduces the amount of waste you create, makes it easier for you to dictate to others where things should go, and makes you more prepared to take whatever the day throws at you. We have amassed several things that can help you get organized in your home or work space in a stylish and environmentally responsible way.

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  • Help End the Single-Use Habit

    It is no wonder we love our affiliates and partners here at Green Apple Supply.

    We partner with companies that share our vision of a healthier planet and the importance of green living.  Our partnerships are vital to our ability to bring affordable green products to our customers and to be an advocate for the environment and planet.



    Plastic Pollution Coalition, our partner in Plastic Antidote (www.plasticantidote.com) is a global alliance of individuals, organizations and businesses working together to stop plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals and the environment.  Specifically, they ask that coalition members pledge to refuse the use of single-use disposable plastics.  You can take the pledge here.  We hope you will take the pledge today!


    Green Apple Supply is a proud coalition member and we take the pledge seriously.  Green Apple Supply refuses to use single-use disposable plastics!  And we tend to see one disposable plastic all over the place – plastic grocery bags!  They are on the sides of streets, stuck in trees, and even blowing in the wind.  For that reason, we proudly offer ChicoBag® reusable grocery bags.  ChicoBag deserves kudos for their efforts in reducing the consumption of disposable plastic bags and addressing the single bag use habit.  They not only offer a wide variety of quality reusable alternatives to disposable bags, but they are also committed to educating consumers about sustainability and the harmful effects of single-use plastics.


    Our Call to Action:  Eliminate those plastic grocery bags!  Replace your single use plastic bags with reusable alternatives.


    ChicoBag reports that an average person goes through 500 plastic grocery bags in one year.   Multiply that by the number of people shopping and its easy to understand why this is a growing problem. Fortunately, replacing single-use plastic bags with reusable alternatives is an easy and impactful way to reduce the use of disposable plastics and help the environment.


    Here are some other ways you can take action to help reduce single-use plastic consumption and waste:

    1. Get educated!  Check out the basic concepts here.

    2.Encourage legislators in your town or city to implement bag bans or fees for the use plastic grocery bags.  For more information, contact ChicoBag at advocacy@chicobag.com.

    1)   Get involved with a local environmental group focused on waste reduction and community education projects.

    2)   Participate in community clean up efforts to pick up trash at parks, lakes, along rivers and waterways, and other public spaces.

    3)   Write a letter to your congress representative about the need for stronger regulations around environmental waste.

    4)   Give reusable bags as gifts to friends, family, and co-workers.  They make great gift wrap!

    5)   Get your kids involved - help them start disposable plastic reduction projects at their schools.

    6)   Take it a step further - start using reusable water bottles as well as reusable bags.  Even better, see what other single use plastic items you can eliminate from your daily life by using a reusable alternative!

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