Stay Happy and Healthy All Winter

snow-882644_1280Whether you’re on your way to school or heading to the office, during the throes of winter the daily grind can wear on both your health and happiness. Here at Green Apple Supply, we believe that being happy and healthy are a pivotal part of a Green, eco-friendly lifestyle. So as you’re shivering through the short cold days eagerly waiting for spring to make its arrival, here are a few tips to make it through winter feeling healthy and happy.

Vitamin D

The days are short, sometimes you’ll find yourself going to school or work when it’s dark, and getting home after the sun has set. If you can plan a time in the day to bundle up and let your face get some sun, that’s great, if not, there are other ways to get that precious Vitamin D. Eat plenty of organic fruits and veggies, look for juices fortified with it, get Vitamin D pills, or crack open a can of sardines (an acquired taste) for a hearty dose of Vitamin D.

Get Your Sleep

We know, there are so many great shows to watch on Netflix! Sometimes it can be hard to get to sleep at a reasonable hour, especially since television is known to cause insomnia. Try and give yourself a cutoff time. Turn off all the electronic devices you’d typically look at, take an hour to unwind with tea and a book, and go to bed. Getting enough sleep is essential to staying healthy and happy all winter, and you may save a few bucks on coffee each morning.


There may not be a lot of green outside, but there can be inside. Aside from being uplifting décor for your house or office, house plants produce much needed fresh oxygen that you may not be getting while avoiding the cold outdoor temperatures. Try a Spider Plant for maximum oxygen output, or Aloe for a plant that can help with wintery dry skin.

Get Out, Have Fun

Sometimes it can be difficult to leave the house when it’s cold, but you’ll be glad you did. Take a yoga class, play basketball at the local gym, take a walk in a park, or head to the local ski hill. It’s important to have activities that relieve stress, get you active, and simply are fun.


While the winter season is inevitable for most of us (enjoy the warmth, Florida, etc.) it doesn’t mean we must lose the battle. Try these little tricks to stay happy and healthy all winter long. And don’t forget to keep making eco-friendly choices. If you are need of eco-friendly school or office supplies, go to As a non-profit, it’s our mission to offer Green products that are affordable. After all, we only have one planet to live on. So enjoy the winter, and stay healthy!