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  • How Did We Get Here

    As our new lifestyle in our new home (yes, we moved!) became cleaner and greener, I noticed our pocketbook becoming leaner and leaner. It struck me as patently unfair that providing a healthy home for our family was obscenely expensive, and therefore impossible for most of the population.

    Fast forward another 2 years, once we have moved to Evergreen, Colorado, where we could live in a more natural (i.e., less concrete) environment. I had moved from protective mama bear to rabid environmentalist. It was a school supply shopping trip to a big box department store that finally sent me over the edge. I looked from our basket full of school supplies to my two precious children, and back to the basket, and then I asked my kids just how many rain forests they thought were in our basket. And how much plastic? They answered “a lot!” to both and we decided that, more than “a lot,” it was “too much,” and we walked out of the store.

    As we marched out, I was fiercely proud of their decision to leave. I was also freaking out. Where were we going to find eco-friendly school supplies? And although my kids might have eco supplies on the first day of school, how many of their friends would find themselves and their toxic shopping carts going through the checkout line. Ensuring that my kids went to school with safe supplies only went so far. I had to ensure that all kids had access to them.

  • Why We Live, Shop and Share Green

    Why We Live, Shop and Share Green

    As Green Apple Supply celebrates it’s new web design, I thought it appropriate to go back to the beginning and tell you the story of who we are, how we came to be, and how we got our name. So to kick off our new site, I hope to introduce you to Green Apple Supply in a series of posts about our history. First, who are we and how did we come about?

    Almost 7 years ago, our daughter, Kiki, was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, a brutal auto-immune disease that left her limping, exhausted, and in terrible pain. After researching the disease and its possible causes, the most likely trigger was our home. At the time, we lived in Houston and our home (where we lived when Kiki was between 3 months and 2 ½ years old) was located on a plume of contaminated groundwater from which VOCs may have been seeping into our home. Her diagnosis immediately sent me into mama bear mode—I was obsessed with making sure that our family was, from that point forward and to the best of my ability, free from the threat of toxic chemicals.

    Sometimes I think about how they say that everything happens for a reason. And those reasons sometimes seem sinister—like the day Kiki got diagnosed. They also say there are six degrees of separation between any two people. As I sit here today, I wonder if there aren’t the same six degrees of separation between those bad things that happen for a reason and the resulting good of their outcomes.

    Our daughter’s disease was most definitely painful but it changed our lives in such a dramatically positive way. Without a doubt, my family is better off as a whole—maybe even healthier despite the arthritis, than we were previously. We immediately began eating more healthfully and extracting chemicals from our daily routine. We began spending time outdoors, appreciating our natural surroundings. We became environmentalists.

    Everything may not happen for a reason, but it was in her disease that I found my purpose. I could not sit idly by while innocent children continued being poisoned by environmental toxins. I became an activist; an outspoken, unafraid champion for my daughter and everyone else’s and we founded Green Apple Supply.

    The six degrees between our daughter’s diagnosis and today’s celebration are poignantly communicated in today’s date, July 30, my daughter’s 10th birthday. Looking back on the seven years following her diagnosis, I can honestly say that I have found peace with her disease. I can see that, regardless of the why and the how of our difficult situation, we are better human beings as a result. And as we celebrate her birthday and our re-opening, we also celebrate her blessed remission.

    Happy Birthday to our beautiful Kiki!

    Welcome to our green family.
    -Stephanie Tobor

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