Let's Get Organized!

2GYB1NSBQGThere are few things more enjoyable than a clean house or work space. Clean doesn’t just mean the surfaces are clean, it means everything is in its’ place. Being organized eliminates clutter, reduces the amount of waste you create, makes it easier for you to dictate to others where things should go, and makes you more prepared to take whatever the day throws at you. We have amassed several things that can help you get organized in your home or work space in a stylish and environmentally responsible way.

Bags Bags Bags
Having several lightweight bags on hand never hurt anyone, there are so many uses for compactable bags that it’s almost too many to list, but the foremost reason is to prevent the use of so many plastic and paper bags. It’s not just the piles of plastic bags that pile up in your pantry and garage, it’s the staggering amount of excess trash we create. According to Ecowatch.com, Americans throw away around 185 pounds of plastic a year, and large majority of that ends up in our oceans. Green Apple Supply has many style options in these ChicoBags, all bags are super lightweight and made from nearly 100% recycled materials, they can be your main bag, or a durable lightweight bag you keep on hand to transport your groceries and other goods.

Write it Down!:
I have lists for my lists. There isn’t a day that goes by that something crosses my mind, be it a grocery item, something I need for my daughter’s school, or the incredibly long list of items that I need to do to make myself a better person, that never gets tended to (but that’s a different post about procrastination and I’m sure I won’t get to it). I love notebooks; I keep one by my bedside to write down the things that are keeping me up with anxiety at night; so that I can address them in the daytime with a sound mind. I keep one with a magnet on my refrigerator to write down the groceries I need and then pop it in my bag when it’s time to go. Lastly, I keep one in my bag because my daughter loves to draw; a notebook and a pen are a great distraction in a restaurant, car or airplane. Green Apple Supply has an abundance of notebook options, weather you needed small, large, lined or with grids. All made from recycled materials.

Cups, the Unsung Heroes of being organized:
Cups are the most basic necessity of the well-organized, if you can group it, it will go into a cup. I use cups for my pens, I use them for make-up brushes, I use them for my daughter’s crayons and markers, for the small pieces that go in her doll house, and yes I use them to drink out of. These stainless steel cups come in three different sizes, and can be used for almost anything!

Be on top of it:
One thing that can take me by surprise are gifts, I am terrible at buying gifts - until the day of said event. It helps to have some go to options, so that when this inevitable occasion occurs you will be prepared. One gift that almost always pleases is a bottle of wine; it’s a great for almost any occasion. Take it up a notch by having some festive recycled canvas wine totes on hand for a thoughtful way to dress up your selection, they come in a bunch of fun themes and are sure to delight any recipient.