There is a growing trend in today’s culture to become more conscious of our environmental footprint. Yet, despite growing numbers of eco-friendly products and environmentally friendly movements in the media, it can be hard to tell if there has been much of an impact. Are we wasting less on a day-to-day basis? Are classrooms and offices becoming more Green?

We recently talked to Ali, a teacher in the Denver area, to get her perspective on the eco-friendly trends in her classroom.

GAS: Do you feel schools have been doing their part to become more Green in recent years?

Ali: In my opinion, no. I only have my own experiences to go on. I suppose with more technology use, there is a little less waste in regards to paper use.


GAS: What are the main constraints in bringing more eco-friendly school supplies into your classroom?

Ali: Families at my school are given a school supply list. They will go out and buy what is cheapest, not necessarily eco-friendly, because school supply shopping is expensive.


GAS: Do you think teachers and students are becoming more aware of practices like the 3 R’s in the classroom?

Ali: I think there is a general building of awareness about the 3 R’s, but there is a real lack of practical knowledge about how to apply it in a school full of classrooms full of children.


GAS: How important do you feel it is for schools to become more Green?

Ali: Very. Not only are there lots of consumables and waste in schools, but it’s an important time to teach students about leaving a smaller footprint so they can take their knowledge home and apply it.


GAS: What things need to happen for classrooms to become more Green in the future? 

Ali: Educate building administrators and teachers about the cost of our waste and how to lessen the load. Then educate students on how to go about their days being more mindful about being Green.


While not every school has the same story as Ali’s, many are still struggling to adopt a more mindful approach to reducing their environmental footprint. We at Green Apple Supply have made it our mission to supply affordable and eco-friendly school and office supplies, while also providing education on how we can protect our environment. We want the products that are good for our earth to be the products that are most affordable to you.

Just as Ali said, if we can become more mindful about being Green, then we are on the right track heading into the future.