Green Tips For An Eco-Friendly Halloween

October has finally arrived. With the shortening of the days and the cooler autumn nights we’re reminded that Halloween is just a few weeks away. In preparation of the coming holiday, and all the fun that leads up to the big day, we at Green Apple Supply wanted to give some tips on how you can make your Halloween an eco-friendly and healthy holiday for you and your family.

  1. Costumes
    This year, instead of buying a costume in a store, which is likely made up of chemical plastics that won’t biodegrade, swap costumes with a friend or find an old costume at a thrift store. Feeling inventive? Buy materials from a thrift store and turn them into your own unique creation.
  2. Makeup
    Need makeup for your costume? Skip the chemicals and buy some all-natural eco-friendly products. Glob makes a great all natural Face Paint that is safe for you or your kids. Feeling crafty? Make your own natural face paint this Halloween.
  3. Halloween Parties
    Throwing a Halloween party this year? Put out recycling bins for cans and bottles. If it’s a small party, try using reusable plates, cups, and utensils. If it’s a large party, make sure those products are all compostable. Also, make sure you can recycle those party decorations, or at least get decorations you can reuse in the future.
  4. Jack o' Lanterns
    Skip the cheap candles this year. Paraffin candles are made of petroleum products. Instead, light up your candles with natural beeswax. It’s better for the air you’re breathing and wastes less.
    Don’t forget about what’s inside your pumpkin. Set aside those seeds for a healthy, tasty treat. Roast them up with some olive oil and salt as great way to get zinc, magnesium, iron, and other great vitamins.
    All finished with your pumpkins? Don’t throw them in the trash, put them in your compost pile for great soil next year. If you don’t have a compost pile, look for local pumpkin composting.
  5. Trick or Treat
    Leave the Batmobile in the cave. Plan your route to not drive this year. Enjoy walking the neighborhood with your kids, showing off your costumes, and making the most of your on-foot adventure.
    Need a bag to carry your candy? Make sure you have a reusable bag. Chico offers some great reusable bags made from recycled materials.
  6. Treats
    I think we all prefer treats over tricks on Halloween, so as you’re out stocking up on treats, be mindful about how Green they really are. Are they individually wrapped candies from large corporations? Are they made in a sustainable way?
    There is a new project developing for safe, allergy-free trick or treating. Paint a pumpkin teal to show that you’re an allergy free trick-or-treat destination. Give out fun eco-friendly toys that will have the kids in town changing costumes and trying to come back for more. Not only will kids be healthier with a few less pieces of candy, those with allergies won’t be excluded from the fun.
  7. After Halloween
    So the fun of Halloween is over for the year. Don’t think you’ll keep the costume or decorations? Don’t head for the dump, see if a local theater troupe, school, or thrift store would like that witch costume or colonial attire. One person’s old costume is another person’s treasure!


We hope you’re able to put these tips to work this Halloween season. Remember, the key to finding success with your eco-friendly goals is planning ahead. The last-minute costume is usually the one packaged and made from plastics. Start planning now to make that costume or find those eco-friendly treats, and most importantly, have a fun and safe Halloween!