Eco-Friendly Tips For Surviving The Winter In Your Home Or Office

As the last of the Halloween decorations are taken down and stored in the back of the closet for another year, we begin to set our sights on the upcoming winter. The days are shorter, the nights are colder, and our habits at home and in the office tend to not be as eco-friendly. But fear not, because the cold winter months do not have to mean wasted energy and extravagant heating bills.

Before it gets too cold, we’ve put together some tips to make your office or home more efficient, healthy, and eco-friendly.

  1. Understand your energy bills.
    Many energy suppliers will give you detailed information on how energy is being used in your home or office. Is a lot of energy being wasted at night? Are there any penalties or surcharges you could be avoiding? Get started on the right foot by understanding your energy bills.
  2. Share other’s energy.
    Do you work from home or have a small office? Implement one day a week to work in a coffee shop or café. These kinds of places have already invested in heat, lighting, and WIFI. So turn down the energy from your home or office and enjoy working with a nice hot latté in hand.
  3. Use smart climate control.
    Do you have smart climate controls on your thermostat but don’t use them? Let your employees or managers set these controls in the office. Turn heat off in unused conference rooms or at times of day when office rooms are unused.
  4. Use energy efficient lighting.
    Try labeling the switches in your office or home so that everyone knows which are relevant and which might be draining energy. Also, switch out your light bulbs with LED lights. The higher prices will be offset by dramatically lower energy bills. And, if possible, install dimmers that allow you adjust for varying levels of natural light.
  5. Bundle up.
    There is no reason to be wearing shorts, flip-flops, and t-shirts in the dead of winter, just because you have heating. Wear an extra layer while you work so you can turn the thermostat down a few extra degrees. Besides, what could be more comfortable than bundling up with a warm sweater on a cold winter’s day?
  6. Time to buy those indoor plants.
    The EPA and its Science Advisory Board have ranked indoor air pollution amongst the top risks to public health. Considering how much time most of us will spend inside this winter, it’s very important to keep the air we’re breathing clean. Houseplants filter and generate fresh new air, while also serving as refreshing décor to those of us looking out at the bare trees all winter long.


We hope you can make this winter as eco-friendly, healthy, and happy as any season of the year. Follow these tips, and be on the lookout for other great ideas on how to survive the cold winter months without outrageous energy bills. And remember, if your home or office is in need of any supplies, look no further than for all your eco-friendly needs at discounted prices.