Earth Day 2016

April-Promo(1)While it may not seem like much on an individual basis, simple efforts can have  exponential changes when we act collectively. We here at Green Apple Supply want to share tips and products you can use to be kinder to the planet.

Green Kids

Kids are naturally curious about the environment. Toys and dolls can also be used to as a more tangible way of understanding terms like recycling and renewable energy. As we all know, books are especially beneficial for a developing mind, and there is plenty of great literature out there for all age levels that can aid us in teaching our children why we need to preserve our natural resources.

Giving an Old Item New Life

The somewhat new trend of upcycling, reusing discarded objects  to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original, has many clever minded people seeing what they can make from one man’s trash.  Do you want to throw out that old dish rack? Think twice. What about those light fixture covers that have fallen out of fashion, fret not, they can live again. The possibilities that become available when a little creativity is applied is really quite incredible. And once again, preventing the amount of trash we produce, reduces the amount of greenhouse gases put into the air.  Before going out and purchasing something brand new, look around and see if you can update an item you already have, or see if someone else has done it for you.

Bag it up!

We are starting to see some exciting movements by grocery stores to eliminate their dependence on packaging and waste, which will put more responsibility on the consumers to hold and transport their groceries.  And while we are not at zero waste yet, we can still make small changes in our day to day excursions by bringing our own reusable produce bags, and ditching those flimsy plastic produce bags, which are known to gum up the sorting machines at recycling facilities.

Reduce Paper Consumption

In today’s electronic age, we are making great strides towards going paperless, but unfortunately, it’s not enough. The amount of printer paper used at the office, combined with all of the loose leaf and notebook paper our children use at school is staggering. Not to mention all of the folders, binders and portfolios needed to manage all of said paper.  Green Apple Supply can help reduce the amount waste we produce with a host of paper products and organizers that use recycled post consumer goods and biodegradable materials.


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Happy Earth Day from Green Apple Supply!