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  • Christmas Trees: Which is Eco-friendly? Real or Fake?

    According to the Nature Conservancy, it’s estimated that each year 30 million real Christmas trees and 10 million artificial Christmas trees are brought home each year. It can sometimes be Christmas Treedifficult to determine which is the more eco-friendly option over the years. With that question in mind, we at Green Apple Supply wanted to shed some light on what is truly the more environmentally friendly option. Continue reading




    There is a growing trend in today’s culture to become more conscious of our environmental footprint. Yet, despite growing numbers of eco-friendly products and environmentally friendly movements in the media, it can be hard to tell if there has been much of an impact. Are we wasting less on a day-to-day basis? Are classrooms and offices becoming more Green?

    We recently talked to Ali, a teacher in the Denver area, to get her perspective on the eco-friendly trends in her classroom.

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  • Popular Supply

    I was raised in a tiny Texas town where my parents had run the area’s general store, Popular Supply. It was a labor of love and I grew up surrounded by stories of the store and the trials of running it. Long after retirement, my parents still held onto some inventory. In fact, although my parents have passed, I still have some of the inventory today. And the store, long since sold, is still standing—a lasting legacy of my parents’ hard work and devotion.

    So, yes, “Supply” makes perfect sense. How strange to have found myself accidentally inheriting this name through a business transaction when it belonged to me all along. It is a powerful feeling to realize the meaning of “Supply” within our family and then apply that to the meaning I hope it will eventually evoke: a reliable, convenient, affordable supply of eco knowledge and goods to the world.

    As I listened to the speech I alluded to at the beginning, I pondered the true power of this name. It is a true embodiment of who we are as a company—our mission, our aspirations, our potential. And it embodies our past, both my family’s and that of Green Apple School Supply, and I can only hope that Green Apple Supply will become my legacy, as Popular Supply was my parents’—still standing long after my demise, and inspiring someone else to embrace their own potential.

    And as I proceed to introduce myself and my company, I hope that you will respond in kind. We want to get to know you and your stories. We have a lot to say, but we also have a lot to learn! Please email your stories to me at The most inspirational stories will be posted here as guest blogs.

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