Create Green

Repurposing/Reusing Not only a great way to make something unique and special, but it also keeps waste from ending up in the garbage dumps and landfills. With a little creativity and imagination, an endless number of inventive and useful things can be made out of recycled materials.  Through our social media channels, we keep our Green Apple family informed on how you can live green in a cost effective way.  Follow us for great tidbits, facts, and info on green living.

Upcycling Tons of craft or art projects can be done with everyday items, from old clothes to cardboard boxes. After all, art is the time to get creative! There are many books and websites that can help give you some ideas. One of our favorites is

(Re)Using Paper Teach your kids how to conserve their use of paper. If cutting it, show them how to fit as many shapes on one sheet, and save scraps for later projects.  Green Apple has a variety of eco friendly recycled paper options and eco friendly art supplies for projects of all types.

Branch Out Use fresh greenery to create garlands, wreaths and swags to give more life to centerpieces and flower arrangements to decorate your home.

Make your Gifts Who doesn’t love getting a homemade quilt or scarf as a present? Even baked goods are a fantastic way to show your appreciation for someone. Making your own gifts is beneficial in many ways; you get to practice (or show off) a hobby, save money, and do your part to help the environment.  By not purchasing pre-made packaged goods and by using non toxic, eco friendly art supplies and other sustainable products, you can make a difference!

Try Something New Self-expression and new experiences are proven to build connections in the brain, keeping it young and healthy. So go ahead, try painting with berries instead of paint or ink, or build a new nightstand for your home out of recycled goods. You could surprise yourself with your talent!