Compassionate Capitalism

At Green Apple Supply, we believe in being compassionate to the core - it is the heart and soul of who we are. Globally, we face unprecedented levels of greenhouse gases and rapid depletion of the planet’s resources. Without a universal shift in consumption, our physical ability to inhabit the planet is limited, at best. At some point, we must begin to consume with the Earth’s health in mind. The sooner, the better.

Compassionate Capitalism suggests that businesses put passion over profit. Conceptualized by our founder, Compassionate Capitalism is an innovative and timely model that defines success as the combination of financial sustainability, societal well-being and the advancement of mission. A business based on a compassionate model will be able to sustain itself in operations and grow just like any other profitable operation, however, compassionate margins become a critical part of the equation. Within Compassionate Capitalism, businesses will continue to set traditional margins for traditional products, but pricing for eco products will be based on lower “compassionate” margins intended to level the playing field between those products that are environmentally friendly and those that are not. By reducing the profit margins on sustainable goods, demand for eco products will escalate and reduce barriers to entry. Businesses and consumers will increasingly occupy the eco and sustainable market, resulting in the kind of scale needed for true social change. Green Apple Supply embodies the principles of Compassionate Capitalism and our hope is to galvanize other companies to join us and become Compassionate Capitalists—front-runners leading the charge towards a healthier planet!