Our Story

It all started when our founder, Stephanie Tobor became aware of the growing need for less costly green, eco-friendly product options. We launched initially as a small pilot program offering eco-friendly school supply packages to the parents and teachers at our children’s’ school, and we headquartered out of our tiny garage - giving us our original name, The Green Garage. As this pilot program took off, the decision was made to not only help out the local community with affordable eco-friendly supplies, but to expand into an online retail environment selling a diverse array of home and office products. In 2011, The Green Garage purchased the remaining eco-friendly assets of Red Apple School Supply, including the name and intellectual property of their eco division. The small scale Green Garage evolved out of our community and into the global online environment as Green Apple Supply. As we grow, Green Apple Supply is committed to shifting the purchasing habits of consumers by creating a marketplace in which conventional, non-sustainable products are the pricier alternatives and green, eco-friendly choices are the more affordable option and become the norm.